03 We Are Melancholy For Our Collection Of Wall Mounted Plates (1:27)


Having heard the machines of the utility room, The Traveller is then invited to our kitchen / diner, where he is fed and watered. A voyage across the transdimensional barrier can be very taxing on the human body. Briefly, he becomes homesick, taking a minute to look back through his portal to his own Asgard, from whence he draws great comfort from his collection of wall-mounted plates, a reverie unceremoniously shattered by our Twizz running in...  


The Hostess: Please follow me to our reception area where you may partake of hot or cold refreshments.
The Traveller: We are melancholy for our collection of wall-mounted plates.



  04 We Will Listen To Your Columbia Grafonola (4:39)

Tired from his journey, The Traveller is invited to the lounge to relax and watch television with Twizz, but instead has his eye on our vintage gramophone. She was always unlikely to co-operate with this request as she was watching Lankybox, but as soon as the wise old gentleman flashed a packet of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, her attitude became much more positive...

The Hostess: Following afternoon tea, you may relax in our lounge, where you can watch television with our daughter. Please feel free to use your portal here or wherever you choose. Her name is Twizz, she is watching Lankybox.
The Traveller: We will listen to your Columbia Grafonola.
The Hostess: She will not.
The Traveller: We have candy.
The Hostess: She will allow it