01 The Magic Bullet Song (4:44)


First recorded in March 2020, Skit and I have been calling it by this name for a while now, though it’s had many versions. Originally planned as a spacepunk football song for our beloved AFC Wimbledon and first released as “The AFC Song”, it was earlier co-opted for our live session on Neil Crud’s radioshow in December 2019, a primitive version being performed under the title of “Neil Crud On Tudno FM”. As a kind of generic track, it’s also been remixed with alternative vocals as “We Love Knott End-On-Sea” for Vladimir Vpdodo’s Shorty Music series, as well as “We Love The Farnborough Groove” for the 30th anniversary of Pete Cole’s noteworthy compilation series.
This version, however, is unique to this album, remixed with new vocals in May 2022. The sounds of Knott End at the beginning were taken from “Waiting For Wyre Rose” (originally released on Tonio Rumoer’s Benches Benches project), including the klaxon from our iconic ferry across the River Wyre.

Representing “THE AFC SONGS SINGLE” (Music & Elsewhere, M&E MB-003)

02 The MMATT Mashup Reborn (5:59)

The original “MMATT 33 Mashup”, was put together to mark the 33rd birthday of Magic Moments At Twilight Time in October 2019, largely drawing on samples from “The Starship Psychotron” and other tracks on my old band’s 1996 CD, “Creavolution”. It was more an experiment in digital mixing, something extremely new to me at the time, than a track actually intended for release, though that first 9˝ minute epic did see the light of day on the side projects collection, “Curiositas”.
This take, the ‘Optimas Digital Remix’, is completely new, recorded especially for this album   in   June  2022,   sampling   the   same

tracks, but from TMR Records’ vastly superior 2018 analogue remaster, “Creavolution Reborn” (TMR CD8170), and we added some extra drums to beef it up a tad.

Featured voice samples;
Meself - “ha, j-jerk”, “oh why”, “and my heart beats like a drum” (whisper) and “it’s party time”
Brian John Doran (operatic baritone, borrowed from Operattack) - “omne sado spiritu sancte”
Inga Leru-Kelly (borrowed from Twister) - “ooh, ferocious” and... um... the... er... ‘sounds of satisfaction’, ahem...
Leonie Jackson (MMATT vocalist at the time) - “and my heart beats like a drum, see my eyes go dark when the stranger comes” and “mummy”
Marc Bell (owner of Brain Dead Studio, London) - “it’s party time” (along with me)

The artwork is a reworking of the original cover of “Creavolution Reborn” by Thayen Rich, touched up with the Mick and Skit faces by Kev Trundley.

Representing “CURIOSITAS”

(Music & Elsewhere, M&E MB-001)


03. We At Grain Festival (4:13)


This is a nod to the other half of our roots, Skit’s former band, Ehrlich Bullet. Recorded on a 4-track TEAC cassette deck sometime late in 1987, it features his vocal over percussion and a processed mix of performances from the day of The Grain Festival, 20th September 1987. We did this remix to mark the 33rd anniversary in 2020, adding some extra drums and clips from the 1988 “Grain-Aid!” compilation tape, so it retains much of the character and rawness of those far off days. The easiest way to credit everyone who’s sampled on it is to reprint the lyrics, coz that’s what it’s all about. Our gratitude to every single one of them...

We at Grain Festival, I have good time, we have good time
I say “People, hi, I Skit Zoyd, yeah.” And we see fat comic, and we like fat comic
“Don’t clap on your own, I’ll chuck you a fish” (Gary St. John, MC for the day, sorry about the ‘fat comic’, mate!)
We at Grain Festival, and we see Greed, and we like Greed, metal, yeah
“No-one can hear a fucking thing” (Paul Thompson, singer with Greed)
We at Grain Festival, and we see At Twilight Time, we like At Twilight Time, they fuck up, yeah

“Mal Ex-Lax” (Gary taking the piss out of performing poet, Mal Cieslak, now better known as novelist, Mal Foster)
We at Grain Festival, and we see The Visionaries, we like The Visionaries, gothic’s boring, yeah
“Somebody give us a fucking clap” (the late Sid Philpotts, guitarist with Momento Mori)
We at Grain Festival, we see Momento Mori, we like Momento Mori, rock on, Bob, feedback I friend, yeah
“Sorry about this” (Martin Crook, beleaguered bassist with Slack Bladder)

We at Grain Festival, we see Slack Bladder, we like Slack Bladder, James Bond, fuck off, yeah
“Look, we’re not getting a fucking thing” (Martin again, not the only one of us that lost it with the incompetent twat on the desk that day)
We at Grain Festival, we see Magic Moments ATT, we like Magic Moments ATT, spaceman Skit be Albert, yeah
“We are going against the grain” (Shona Atkinson, singer with Magic Moments At Twilight Time)
We at Grain Festival, we see The Charles, we like The Charles, yeah, we clean their fucking furniture, yeah
“Who the fucking hell’s gonna clean my furniture?” (Chris Carter, singer with The Charles)
We at Grain Festival, and Satan flower kill happy flower, and we all go home, yeah
And we have good time, and we have good time, and we have good time, and we have good time, alright, yeah
“I’d like to thank Chris for thanking the man who just thanked everybody” (that was me!)

Later released on


(Music & Elsewhere, M&E MB-005)



04. Foot So Enwheeled (3:25)

Recorded in June 2021 as one of eleven possible soundtracks for a three and a half minute video created by Gordon Way. If you check the bonus folder, you’ll find you’ve got a copy of it, to which we’ve added a sampler soundtrack, featuring about 18 seconds of each piece from the album. You can explore more of Gordon’s work, both audio and visual, on his You Tube channel (see Bonus Video at end).

The artwork includes a still from Gordon’s video on the cinema screen.


(Music & Elsewhere, M&E MB-009)