Dodgy Printshop


Running Time: 1:20

Released On: "Hashtag (Part V)" - Various Artists (11 tracks)

Label: V. Poiskah Dodo & Friends (Shorty Music)

Release Date: 5th August 2020

Format: Download

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Look, come on, don't judge us, it was an easy mistake to make, how were we to know a 'hashtag' was one of those little blue link things that start with a slightly skewed noughts and crosses grid? I mean, it's not our generation, we even capitalise, spell properly and punctuate on text messages! Certainly, we can dig the rebop, daddio, we're groovy cats, 23 skidoo and all that jazz, but we confess to not being entirely up to date with the modern vernacular, hence why we ended up with this... er... slight misunderstanding. Yes, let's call it that... a slight misunderstanding of thinking Vladimir Vpdodo's brief was referring to the labels you get on items at the local hash shop. As I said, easy mistake to make. So, having started with our favourite Psychojolting in-joke...

"Okay, initiate the printing machine... and run."

...we developed the idea of some sleazy backstreet printshop knocking out the labels for the local branch of Skunk-U-Like in Blackpool. Normally, we'd have been straight down there on the 2C bus, making sure we had the current stock list and prices up to date, authenticity matters, we take our art very seriously, you know. But of course, all 'non-essential' (yes, we know) shops were closed at the time due to Covid, so we had to go from memory and weren't too sure how leaving the EU may have affected prices. And it's not like you can just go on the internet and just ask "how much for a pound of Moroccan these days?" Yes, you're absolutely

The Blackpool branch of Skunk-U-Like, temporarily closed due to Covid-19

right, I shouldn't joke about such things, we've been metric for bloody ages now, they sell it in kilos. Oh, the printer we used for the samples was the one in the M&E office, the same one that must have done hundreds of letters, newszines and cassette inlays, so there's an interesting nostalgic connection for you. I'm sure there was something else too? Oh, bugger, I forgot the Pringles...