Airwave Broadcast Channel Mast (Free Pass)


Running Time: 4:33

Released On: "Frequency Illusion | Studies In Radio" - Various Artists (15 tracks)

Label: Institute For Alien Research

Release Date: 24th July 2020

Format: Download

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Skit and I weren't quite sure about this one, then Shaun Robert tells us he thinks it's the best we've done yet, so I guess our growing understanding of musique concrète is getting there after all. It's great when people say things like that, but then he's been a serious encouragement to us from the start. This track is what we would have regarded as a simple chop-up, built from processed samples of both AM and CB radio broadcasts, pilfered from all over the internet. Well, it's not like you can just listen out for them on the air nowadays, the times you could hear "10-4, Rubber Duck, watch you don't get a smokey on your tail" on your receiver are long gone. Not that we ever were ones for CB radio in the first place, but it was certainly interesting when looking for samples for the chop-up. We also left a lot of silent pauses in there, for which we had in mind the countless stations that have fallen silent over the years to the double-edged sword of progress.

Oh, while I'm here, I really should explain the notes I made on the original with regard the accompanying graphic, upon which the credits reads as follows;


Mick Magic (left knob - ex Magic Moments At Twilight Time)
Skit Zoyd (right knob - ex Ehrlich Bullet)


So he'll talk to me again, I would like to clarify that I was not calling Skit a right knob. Granted, he is indeed more than capable of behaving like a complete and utter man-child sometimes, but this was not my intent whatsoever. It actually refers to the knobs on the old radio in the picture, where you will see my image on the left knob and Skit's on the right knob. There, glad we've cleared that up.


That's a big 10-7 from us, here's wishing y'all 3's and 8's...