2020 Vision


Running Time: 1:30

Released On: "The Bottom Line (Part II)" - Various Artists (10 tracks)

Label: V. Poiskah Dodo & Friends (Shorty Music)

Release Date: 12th January 2021

Format: Download

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Our fifth recording for Vladimir Vpdodo's Shorty Music series, the theme this time being The Bottom Line. As usual, there's no concrete definition, it's rather down to the interpretation of each participating artist. After the year we've all just been through, tongue came out of cheek, our bottom line was that we didn't feel like being that funny this time around; no light-hearted remixes of "Curiositas" classics, no deliberate comic misunderstandings, we wanted to genuinely reflect on the year that was. The 90 second limit does help provide focus; if you have something to say, you need to say it fairly fast, so we figured the format could actually lend itself quite well to poetry. But we couldn't just sit down in front of a mic and read out a poem, how dull would that be? If I'm honest, I'm not a fan of poetry, even though I write the odd bit. But we're Magic Bullet anyway, not like anything coming from us is going to be normal, is it? We like tampering with stuff; you know, like those voice generators you can find online. Skit likes making them say things like "oh no, I've sat on a sausage", but I thought they'd also be perfect for delivering the "2020 Vision" poem. I don't mind a bit of wry humour in an ode to a year that's brought us death and depression, but jokes about being impaled on a British breakfast staple were probably a step too far. From The Year Of  International Plant Health it was supposed to be, to that Hairy Bittercress getting voted out of The White House in November, 2020 is one year we're unlikely to forget in a hurry...

The International Year Of Plant Health, so intended to be
But its place in history will be lost to disease
One and a half million it killed through the year
As it ravaged our planet (*except North Korea)
We lost Bond and Vader, without whom we're poorer
But nobody's heard from Derek Acorah
It cost our economy so many a trillion
But the CEO of Amazon is still worth 200 billion
There were bushfires and floods, an apocalyptic vision
No Olympics, no football, and no Eurovision!

But we still stood divided, however bereaved
We bickered on Brexit, George Floyd couldn't breathe

Bojo fled Europe with unsettling haste
Our British P.M., hands, face, waste of space
Trump couldn't quite say that black lives DO matter
Heaped praise on far right, served up on a platter
Whilst Covid it drove his nation to woe
Trump, he cut funding to the W.H.O.
And they couldn't impeach him, in spite of all ill
And he's far from alone, there's that twat in Brazil
A leadership letdown, that beggars all belief
And a leap year to boot, one day's extra grief
But it's not all bad news, please don't think me a grump
When the bottom line comes, we got rid of Trump