We Love The Farnborough Groove


Running Time: 3:09

Released On: "Farnborough Groove Volume 12" - Various Artists (30 tracks)

Label: Farnborough Groove Music

Release Date: 1st April 2021

Format: Download

Buy Link: Apple Music - GBP 5.99





(With Original "He's So Hunky" Intro - 3:11)


Pete Cole visiting our old Frimley base, circa '92, back when he had hair...

Ah but there's history here; Pete Cole has been championing his local music scene for three decades now. Of course, when the very first volume of The Farnborough Groove was released on a c-90 back in April 1991, it was also our local music scene, Farnborough being just a couple of miles down the A325 from Frimley. Coincidentally, this was also around the time that the second incarnation of Magic Moments At Twilight Time was coming together, complete with the release of "Earthbound", the second edition of "Zoen Nostalgia". Following a two year absence and with no Grain to go back to, we were looking to make some new friends in the area, so were keen to get a track on Volume 2, aptly named "Son Of Farnborough Groove". Pete kindly included "Spirit" on that one, which was released in the New Year of 1992, just as we were getting ready to launch Music & Elsewhere. Wanting to give something back to the local area that had spawned us, I talked to Pete about releasing the compilations on M&E as well, figuring it was hardly likely to affect his local sales, but M&E being global, would almost certainly make it available in places it would never reach otherwise. I seem to recall he wasn't keen on the idea at first, but after he'd had an issue with mastering and asked me to do a volume for him, probably felt he couldn't say no. I can't pretend I'm unhappy about how that worked out, the five of his compilations we did put out on M&E, four of which included a track of our own, were a very welcome addition to the catalogue. Volume 3 was "Return Of Farnborough Groove", the MMATT track on this one was the live "Blitzkrieg!" from "White Hawk Atomic". I don't know quite what's happened here; Pete has the release date listed on Bandcamp as January 1993, but we definitely released it in July 1992.

His next project, which took in bands from outside the local area (and I like to think this was inspired by our own wider interests, it included M&E's favourite Sons Of Selina, after all!), was brilliantly titled "Never Heard Of 'Em!", though the cow on the cover (heard / herd - geddit?), well, nuff said. This one included another live take from "White Hawk Atomic", the ubiquitous (seriously, 9 out of 10 volumes of the Flashbax series included a version of it) "State Of The Art". Pete also has that one listed as January 1993, which rings true, as we put it out with our December '92 issue. Back to the regular series for Volume 4 and "Revenge Of Farnborough Groove", the last one we released on M&E (you're 6 months late again, Pete!), the last one I mastered and (coincidentally, I'm sure) the last one MMATT appeared on. "Get Into The Dream Cream", for those keeping count. Maybe that's why!


And that, I thought, was it. Imagine how surprised I was, when Pete started putting all of these on Bandcamp a little while back, to discover there had been another six volumes we hadn't been invited to contribute to! Oh, and now I've just found out he did a "Best Of Farnborough Groove Vols. 1-10" in 2016 that he'd never even mentioned to me. Didn't even know it existed! And no, we're not on that one either. So when it came to Pete's announcing a 30th anniversary edition for this year and inviting contributions, I thought, well, I'm not begging. In fact, I'm not sure I can even be bothered to ask. I mean, up to him, innit?

"Hi Pete..." I started, not asking, naturally, "Re your 30th anniversary FG comp; is the invitation open to us types who have fled the area for more pleasant climes? All the best, Mick."

"Ideally it's local," he snubbed heartlessly, "but feel free to send me something over for considerston." (sic)

So I did what any mature adult would do and set about guilting him into it; went on about all the mastering I did for him back in the day, the coffee and biscuits and all that kind of thing. So he pretended he'd been joking and said we could be on it after all. Sorted. Okay, our track is familiar, I know, it's just a remix of "The A.F.C. Song" that we'd already remixed for "Neil Crud On Tudno FM", "Neil Crud NOT On Tudno FM" and "We Love Knott End-On-Sea", but it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Even then he moaned. You see, I put a little joke bit on the beginning, got this girl to say "Pete Cole, he's so hunky." Cost me a fortune, she'd seen his photo on Facebook. She's in therapy now. Anyway, we thought it was funny. Pete didn't. He made us take it off. No sense of humour. Of course, he couldn't make us take it off of our copy, so if you hit the 'Play' button on this page, you'll hear the original. Na-na na-nah-na. Our undying thanks to Pete for his support (albeit intermittent) over the years, and commiserations to his wife... ;->



The four Farnborough Groove compilations with MMATT tracks on are all available on Bandcamp, simply click on the cover images...