Shan't Jagger


Running Time: 3:25

Released On: "Daredevil Meditations" - Various Artists (66 tracks)

Label: Hal Tapes

Release Date: 1st May 2021

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp - USD $2.00




Firstly, if you are thinking 'shall not Mick Jagger', that's NOT an accurate interpretation of the title!

It's Hindi for 'tranquil place', but you knew that...

The theme for this project for Hal McGee's Electronic Cottage was apparently suggested by Leslie Singer, great heroine of our RFA Challenge, she of the iron ossicles, so our participation was never in doubt, in spite of Daredevil being from the Marvel universe and the Magic Bullet being strictly DC folk. So we decided to go with the meditations half of the concept and completely ignore the Daredevil reference. There'll be no cameo from Stan Lee in one of our tracks, rest assured! But what to do, the Magic Bullet aren't exactly known for topping the bill in the chillout room.

"Indian lady," said I, placing my hands together and bowing at my spikey-haired partner in sound-crime, "namaste."

"Lay back and close your eyes." Says Skit, returning my gesture.

I didn't fall for it, I'm not having beer tipped all over me again.

"Empty your mind and relax." I said.

"Go to tranquil place." Says Skit

"But what kind of sounds should we use for a meditative track," I pondered out loud, "it's not the sort of thing we would usually do, is it?"

Seasons passed as we paced up and down the kitchen, deep in contemplation.

"Human screams?" Skit suggested.

"Works for me."



Funny story - a few days after this track was released, I posted a link to it on our local community Facebook group as a bit of a joke, see how many people we could catch with it, which was quite a few, as it turned out, some of them none too happy about it!

"Relax and meditate to the glorious view across Morecambe Bay from Knott End, soundtrack and photograph courtesy by your Magic Bullet, namaste..."

Then I thought, why not stick it on Twitter as well? Visit Morecambe only went and retweeted it, didn't they! Hey, we're not completely without empathy, we did warn them. Albeit several days later...

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