godspunk volume twenty-two


Artist: Various Artists (48 tracks)

Title: Godspunk - Volume 22

Label: Pumf Records

Catalogue Number: PUMF 819

Release Date: 6th April 2021

Running Time: 147 minutes (approx)

Magic Bullet Tracks;

Disc 1 - 15 / 15. Mutant Flash Mob (Radio Edit - 4:18)

Disc 2 - 11 / 36. We Would Hear The Machines (Godspunk Edit - 1:44)

Format: 2 x CD / Download

Buy Link: 2 x CD: Pumf Records / DL: Bandcamp



< Mutant Flash Mob (Radio Edit - 4:18)  

We Would Hear The Machines (Godspunk Edit - 1:44) >     



Ex-Membrane and general Blackpool legend, Stan Batcow, has been doing these co-operatively financed CD compilations for 18 years now, the first one going out in 2003, just as the original incarnation of Music & Elsewhere was starting to fold, which probably explains why it's taken me so long to get involved. To be honest, I'd wanted to for a long time because I think it's a great project (except the cover photos, I mean, clowns, they are terrifying apparitions, come on) and worthy of support, but... but... but... there was always a but. Mostly a "but I'm not quite ready yet." When we produced "Variations (On A Theme By Peppa Pig)" and "The Electric Age Cometh" for the MMATT 30th in October 2016, I was hoping it would be the beginning of recording regularly  again. But (another one), as it turned out, the Magic Bullet project was still three years away. So, having previously had to back out of a couple, when we received the invite in June last year, I made Stan a promise that we would definitely be on this one, and if I let him down, I would personally pay for someone else to take the spot instead. Skit and I had a great idea for a couple of tracks for it too. But (here we go again), the world got in the way. By the time Twizz went back to school in the September, we'd already had her at home for five months, during which my free time had obviously been drastically reduced. The plan was, do all the catch-up stuff in that first term back, pre festive season, then get down to work on recording the two tracks for this project when she went back to school on January 5th. So, we put her to bed the night before, all ready to hit the starting blocks, switched on the news, Boris had closed the country again. 12 hours before we would have been putting her on the school bus. Well that really left us a lot of time to re-plan, didn't it? Anyway, that's our excuse for including two new edits of previously released tracks. If you're interested in having some of your own material on a forthcoming volume, you can contact Stan on the link. We're hoping to, but... no promises, eh?


F E A T U R I N G ;

Howl In The Typewriter


The Large Veiny Members

Nil By Nose


Lettuce Vultures

Sex Demon

Dresden Kirk ft. The Taurus Board

Dr. Awkward


Jeanie & The Kaprikorns

Lieutenant Caramel + Shaun Robert

Infected Youth

Harsh Noise Movement

Bidoche Musique

Magic Bullet

Father Stone

Hermanos Guzanos

Proud Fuckoo Band

THE DUPLET