The Rilled Circlet

Recorded in May 2021 for the REM Challenge


Running Time: 35:00

Released On: Unreleased at present, as per the terms and conditions of the above






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We're doing it. No more pretence that next month's effort will be a gentle piano sonata based on a Slavonic folk dance. You heard it here first; the Magic Bullet are using the great inspiration of the REM Challenge to create a work of extraordinary magnitude! Having not even been sure that we were going to participate originally, Skit and I now hereby undertake to stay the course and create a new 35 minute track every month of the challenge, no retreat, no surrender! We did warn that Mr. Elling Lien to buy some ear-protectors last month, let's just hope he listened, huh? When it comes to an end next February, we will have amassed a collection of some 7˝ hours of aurally challenging Mmatterial to unleash upon the world, which we will shall do so in a special set, to be named in the RPM Challenge's (it's overall name) honour. In Latin, of course, coz Skit and I are quite pretentious.

It was Skit's turn to choose the power tool this month and, to my surprise, he only went for the relatively peace-inducing electric drill. As with last month's track, it's not just a barrage of ossicle rupturing din, it has structure, we're nice like that, we like to keep it interesting for you. And there are so many noise creating items to choose from yet! I'm sure we'll find something different to do with every one of them. Strangely enough, people are often sending us helpful suggestions as to what we can do with them, though I fail to see how you're even going to hear them from up there. Oh, nearly forgot; Rilled Circlet, is an arcane term for an engraved headpiece or bracelet (like in the picture), which by some strange coincidence, just happens to be an anagram of electric drill. Small world...




♪ ♫  O n e ,   t w o ,   t h e   B u l l e t ' s   c o m i n g   f o r   y o u . . .   t h r e e ,   f o u r ,   w e ' l l   m a k e   y o u r   e a r s   s o r e  ♫ ♪