George's Tool


Recorded in August 2021 for the REM Challenge


Running Time: 35:00

Released On: Unreleased at present, as per the terms and conditions of the above



 < 7 Incher - 3:50 / 12 Incher - 9:23 >      




At Full Length - 35:00 >                                       




Well, it all started back in the April of 2018 when George did our patio for us. It's very nice, isn't it? Now, at the time, it was still five months before the name of Magic Bullet had even had a first mention, and as far as I knew, Skit Zoyd was nothing more than a name I'd made up to do some Ehrlich Bullet stuff in 1988. So, why exactly I thought to ask George if I could record a sample of his magnificent tool, I honestly don't know. I'd been really impressed with it and would love to have had a play with it myself, but health and safety and all that, it's the world we live in today, sadly. However, call it kismet, call it fate, call it fortunate, but he was more than happy to whip it out and show me what he could do to a leftover half a paving slab with it. I held out my Sony IC Recorder in eager anticipation. Rum-rum-rum, he fired it up and went for it. It tore through the paving slab like, well, like a circular saw through a paving slab, for want of a better metaphor.


"'Ow's that?" He asked.

"43 seconds of bliss." I replied, chortling happily.

"There ya go." He smiled obligingly.

I think he was a little bemused and rather puzzled as to what I intended to do with the recording, so I explained my fondness for experimental music and assured him I'd make him famous one day. George, this is your big moment!

When it came to our REM track this month, we wanted to do something a bit different after half a dozen 35 minute noise wipeouts. We were midway through, after all, time for a breather.

"Elling was kind enough to record a bit for Communitas," I was telling Skit over a lemonade and a packet of crisps, "so let's surprise him and do something that isn't just a noise blast. Do you have any ideas for something a bit different?"

"Beaty drums!" Skit began promisingly.

"Yes," I nodded, surprised he'd said something vaguely sensible, "we could do a decent rhythm track."

"And power tool. Skit like power tools."

Sometimes, I think, there's just no point in arguing. However, time was getting tight and we didn't really have enough of it to go searching for new samples. As luck would have it, it was about then I remembered the recording of George's tool that had been tucked away in Dr. Magic's Audio Lab for the last 28 months, and fortunate that I did, because we were both very happy with the resulting track! So much so that we thought we'd do a single mix (dubbed '7 incher', in tribute to the glory days of vinyl, why else?) and an extended version (dubbed '12 incher' for the same reason, obviously) to compliment the full length track, et voila! Oh, while I think of it, probably worth pointing out that George's Tool isn't an anagram of anything, Skit said it worked pretty well as a title anyway, and I trust his judgement, so there ya go...