Artist: Magic Bullet & Friends

Title: Communitas - Volume III

Label: Music & Elsewhere

Catalogue Number: M&E MB-007

Release Date: 29th October 2021

Running Time: 65:23 (+ 9:23 bonus track)

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp - GBP £5.00


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And a warmer still welcome to the final volume of our concept compilation set (I’m sure we’ve invented a new genre there)! The last part of the story moves to the newest friends we have made and the modern day digital community we now inhabit, from our first release on an {AN} Eel project in the summer of 2020, through our joining up with the EFSPACM group, and on to our first ever connections in South America. Then we go full circle to include one of our oldest friends, pre-dating even Music & Elsewhere, the talented artist who has provided all the excellent caricatures for this series, Kev Trundley, who has mutilated a few old MMATT tracks especially for the occasion. To finish, we go home to our own little family community, and there’s the long awaited new adventure of Officer Kitty, as performed with the creative assistance of my 8 year old daughter, Twizz.


Skit deals with a phone call whilst taking care of social media and giving the office a dusting

Mick, Sam and Twizz enjoy a 'facepack & pamper' session whilst watching a DVD of Cinderella

43. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XIX

44. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XX

45. {AN} Eel - Do Wah Diddy Do

46. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXI

47. Humanfobia - The Queen Is Dead

48. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXII

49. Pszren - Magid

50. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXIII

51. Terbeschikkingstelling - For Magic Are A Jolly Good Bullit

52. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXIV

53. DJ ANY WAY - Into The Atmosphere That Feeds It

54. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXV

55. Klopmasjien - The Magic Buzz

56. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXVI

57. Magic Bullet - George's Tool (7 Incher)

58. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXVII

59. EMERGE - drench

60. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXVIII

61. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXIX

62. Howl in the Typewriter - Lights Out

63. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXX

64. Gerardo Colin - El Poema Político

65. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXXI

66. Conny Plankton - Asparagi

67. Magic Bullet & Friends - Unitas XXXII

68. Magic Bullet & Twizz - Officer Kitty II: Attack Of The Killer Beanie Boos!

69. Magic Bullet & Friends - End Of Communitas

BONUS TRACK: Magic Bullet - George's Tool (12 Incher)


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