The First Time I Did Acid...


Running Time: 6:43

Released On: "Chasin' Dragons (And Occasionally Catching One)" - Various Artists (69


Label: Sturm und Drang GmbH

Release Date: 17th October 2021

Format: Download

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"The First Time I Did Acid" - an accompanying poem by Mick Magic, age 63


Come, lad, sit on yer old grandad's knee
I'll spin you a tale of times you've not seen
Back from when I was just sweet sixteen
The first time I did acid
We'd been at the festies, most free in those days
Watching the bands through a slightly stoned haze
Seeing their lights set the night sky ablaze
The first time I did acid
But come dawn came the Police to call out our follies
They beat us to shit, I got kicked in the bollies
Retreat without choice, then the cry, "Up the Wallies!"
The first time I did acid
Out went the thumbs when we hit the main road
And it wasn't too long before a car slowed
A sympathetic face asked us where we would go
The first time I did acid
Destination Stonehenge, that was where we need be
Not far from Amesbury on the A303
Which was where he was headed, I would say luckily
The first time I did acid
Oh the welcome we got having come all that way
"Have a joint, have some lunch, take the weight off." They'd say
No doubt in our minds we were going to stay
The first time I did acid
Come the dark came the man with the interesting wares
A sheet of strange paper, I asked what he had there
"Blotters, young sir, shall I cut you a square?"
The first time I did acid
My eyes they lit up, I'm a traveller, see, son
And that was a journey I'd never once done
Spent my last 50p to make sure I got one
The first time I did acid
Coming up round a camp fire, the flames danced that night
All climbing up to incredible heights
The first of a thousand quite magical sights
The first time I did acid

Movements left traces, as day they were plain
In the sky there were lights, on my hands coloured rain
I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd do it again
The first time I did acid
Then a funny thing happened when I was most high
And I promise it's true, though it sounds quite contrived
As my trip hit the peak, a Police car arrived
The first time I did acid
As you may well imagine, it gave me a fright
Having no wish to end up in their cells for a night
But when they saw I was tripping, smiled and put on their light
The first time I did acid

Were they out to arrest us, the answer was "Nope!"
They were just checking in and our hearts filled with hope
And some friendly reporter sang a song about dope
The first time I did acid
Though the night last forever, the dawn was still due
To the stone circle walked I by the light of the moon
Sat cross-legged in the centre 'neath a sky of strange hues
The first time I did acid
Twixt the stones, in the distance, through lysergic eyes
The sun first appeared and began to arise
As it surely had done more than ten thousand times
The first time I did acid
The days that we spent there, like time heaven sent
But nowt lasts forever and with money all spent
Reluctant, we realised it's time that we went
The first time I did acid
Phoned home, reversed charges, to walk it's too far
Said sorry to dad, asked if he'd come down in the car
"I knew you were lying, I know where you are!"
The first time I did acid
And as I climbed in that vehicle bedraggled and wet
Even while lectured that I owed dad a debt
I knew this was something I'd never forget
The first time I did acid


As for how we created the sounds without a synth in sight? If you really think we'd reveal that, you must be tripping...

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