La Carretera Caˇtica


Running Time: 3:58

Released On: "Underground Experiments Vol. III" - Various Artists (44 tracks)

Label: Internet Daemon

Release Date: 18th June 2022

Format: Download

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Up until 10 years ago, I used to drive a taxi in the south east of England. I still have nightmares about it! So I thought, why should I keep them to myself? Seriously though, I do dream about driving a taxi quite a lot, which is odd, coz it's not like I miss the bloody awful traffic congestion around our old Surrey stomping ground, trust me! So anyway, last week, with Optimas very nearly wrapped up (it's finished now, promise), and noticing a looming deadline on the latest Internet Daemon project, we just fancied having a breather and doing something creative. So I suggested basing a piece on rush hour traffic, samples of car horns, skids, stuff like that. Kind of like what we did for the IFAR jump cuts one recently (we're really into jump cuts at the moment), but just using car stuff. And I thought I'd be nice and title it in Spanish, the label being based in Chile and all. Plus The Chaotic Road sounds shit in English, whereas La Carretera Caˇtica sounds like a latin dance.

The photo I used in the artwork was taken from behind the wheel in my taxi (it's okay, it wasn't moving at the time) in the April of 2012, a couple of months before we moved, on a rather notorious road called The Hog's Back, running between Farnham and Guildford. It looked like that most weekday mornings. I actually took the photos as 'insurance', something to look at after we moved, just in case I ever felt I'd made a mistake about leaving. Not so far...