ApocalyXmas Now


Running Times: "We Wish You A Merry Xmas (3:03) & "I Want More Toys!" (1:16)

Released On: "ApocalyXmas Now" - Various Artists (110 tracks)

Label: Camembert Électrique

Release Date: Advent compilation through December 2022, our tracks added 21st & 27th

Format: Download

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Wednesday 21st December 2022;

On a happier note comes this year's Camembert Électrique Xmas 'advent compilation', that is to say it starts December 1st and tracks are added daily throughout the month, until it's eventual completion on New Year's Eve. Brilliant idea or what? Last year we only managed a remix of our version of Silent Night, so this year we wanted to create something specially, and this one is actually very appropriate. You see, a year ago, the label was putting together a compilation to mark its 30th birthday, and we were very keen to do a track for it. This one, to be precise, only with the words "Happy birthday, Camembert Électrique" instead. I don't recall quite what went wrong now, think we just kind of run out of time to finish it, probably much the same reason we could only do a remix for the 2021 advent. Anyway, when it came to this year, I remembered we still had all the component parts of that track in a folder on the master PC (we call it that coz it controls our lives), so... add a few sleigh bells, change a few lyrics, and voila... we have a half decent electro-experimental version of We Wish You A Merry Xmas. It probably won't hurt our green credentials as a band either, like hey, the Magic Bullet recycle their songs!


Tuesday 27th December 2022;

Admittedly, our second offering for the compilation was something of an afterthought, but the subject matter made it seem wholly appropriate, so I suggested it to label boss, Yann Pillas. As luck would have it, he agreed. This was actually recorded back in early October for something else entirely. Skit and I had decided to put The Magic Bullet Song, aka We're The Bullet From Knott End-On-Sea, on the next volume of Stan Batcow's Godspunk compilation CD series. Running at 4:44, that left a rather inconveniently short 1:16 of the 6 minute slot, so we came up with this one, inspired by the fact Twizz's toy collection has taken over the house. Just had this idea of a petulant child (she's not, she's a real sweetheart, honest!) turning her nose up at everything but more toys, could almost hear Twizz chanting it, all we had to do was persuade her to do it. Quite easy at this time of year, just play the Christmas presents card. "Do as your told or it's coal!" No hate-mail, I'm kidding! So there ya go, this track will also be out on CD in the New Year, full details probably a couple of blog entries along from this one. Oh, and talk about recycling, it's even made from the same samples as The Magic Bullet Song! Greenest Christmas ever...