Artist: Mean Flow & Magic Bullet

Title: Man + Machine : In Harmony / In Discord

Label: Mean Flow

Catalogue Number: MF 150

Release Date: 13th April 2023

Running Time: 54:12

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp0


01 Man + Machine (54:12)


Skynet became self aware at 02:14 EDT, 29th August 1997. The rest, as they say, is history. Only it didn't happen, it was just a movie, but it kinda got us all thinking, didn't it? Recently, with the addition of Chat GPT to our online existence, it seems to have become a big subject again. So, when Carlo Steegen at Last Action sent us a DM in February, inviting us to contribute to his new insane 4 second songs compilation project, Micro Songs For Microbes, it was pretty much the first thing that came to mind. I just got the idea of this short burst of cyber punk with the lyric;

♪ ♫ W h y   a r e   w e   a f r a i d   o f   C h a t   G P T ! ? ♫ ♪

Sadly, it was more a case of hasta la vista baby when Bandcamp pulled Carlo's account barely a fortnight later. But the idea of doing something based on AI went straight in the projects folder, there was no way we were finished with that one. Another fortnight passes, the concept still fresh in mind, and I get another DM, this time from Theo Tsiolakakis of Mean Flow fame, asking us if the Bullet would like to collaborate on an album? DUH! Yes, of course! We would love to work with one of Greece's most prolific electro-experimentalists! Actually, we had once briefly before, having been put together for a Two Halves project by Mr. Eel, a track called Nine Pillars Of Wisdom, ultimately released on Bromtol Largesse's Anniversary compilation in February last year. Absolutely up for doing more, the man from Del Monte, he say yes...

About a week later, I got back to him with a detailed plan. The last time we'd worked with each other, it had come together really easily and our styles had merged well on an elemental basis, which is really where the idea for this one came from. Allow me to elucidate; the fridge in our kitchen/diner sometimes makes this beautiful earthy electronic humming noise which we'd long been wanting to do something with, so last October, I thought I'd get some samples. It's a built in unit with a bit of space above the object itself, so I put my Sony IC Recorder in there, came up here to get some e-mails done, and completely forgot about it until I went back to make a coffee several hours later. The result was a 3 hour recording that was simply filled with sampling possibilities and that we played about with frequently in the ensuing months. But, we never knew exactly what to do with it until Theo got in touch. Then one morning, I just woke up with the idea of building a long piece that could serve as a wraparound framework for the three works he'd sent us and the whole Man + Machine thing was in my head, liner notes, artwork, everything. Sent him a test mix on April 11th, he gave it the thumbs up, released two days later. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? I'll be back...



   < Def Rig (Short Chill Mix) (8:43)

An electro-experimental suite in seven contiguous parts...

Framework by Magic Bullet;

Def Rig (Parts I-IV)
You will hear the machines...

Inserts by Mean Flow;

I: Harmony
Man, in his optimism, believes machines exist to serve him...
II: Discord
Man, in his pessimism, fears machines contrive to usurp him...
III: The Singularity
Man, in his ignorance, ponders whether consciousness is an emergent property of data processing...


CARK & CARL