Artist: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire (Magic Bullet & Friends)

Title: Elementalis

Label: Bromtol Largesse

Catalogue Number: BL 056

Release Date: 14th April 2023

Running Time: 44:35

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp



< Magic Bullet - A Meditation On The Hydrological Cycle (8:43)



01. Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Jordi Heras Fauque - Overture (1:56)
02. The Owl - Schematic Of The Earth_s Coresv2 (15:00)
03. Antione Trauma - Metal & Glass (3:04)
04. Magic Bullet - A Meditation On The Hydrological Cycle (8:43)
05. Yann Pillas - Timberwood (5:00)
06. Bode - Fire Shall Come (10:00)
07. Gabriel Pereira Spurr & Jordi Heras Fauque - Finale (0:51)



It actually started way back on February 3rd last year, during an online conversation with {AN} Eel about a label project he was running with Volker St÷rtebeker;

"Hey, speaking of Bromtol Largesse," he says, "would you be interested in curating a 3 way split there ?"

Well, it's kinda flattering when another label shows that level of trust in you, but it always pays to know exactly what you're taking on, so...

"I think I probably would." Says me, "What EXACTLY does 'curating' involve? Just so I can see the time I'd need to put aside et al. Ta."
"It would be a matter of you deciding which 3 artists ( of which I hope you would be one )," he explained, "and each making a track of about 10 minutes each, or about the same length each - Deadline, themes, cover art etc up to you."

And thus began a journey that would last over a year! And it sort of 'evolved' in that time. To begin with came the who to invite part. That was a tough call, I know a LOT of quality artists! So, new blood, thought I, let's go for those I haven't previously worked with. My first victims were Yann Pillas (France) and Bode (Brazil), both of whom I felt would sit well with us, whilst offering a fair degree of 'compatible contrast'. Luckily, both accepted the invitation. Yann went further, offering the suggestion that we could work around the concept of the five elements of Wu Xing. Which got me thinking over the coming weeks, like if Mr. Eel was up for the idea, we could pull in another couple of artists to this (ahem) '3 way split' and take an element each. Yup, he was cool with that, and a couple of months later, invitations went out to Paul Priest (aka The Owl, Czech Republic) and Skyler Remillard (aka Cuntsplitterkor, U.S.A.). We fancied water (we live next to a river and the sea and it rains a lot in Lancashire, seemed the obvious choice) Skyler bagged dibs on metal, Paul gentlemanly backed down on that one and accepted earth, Bode's heart was set on fire and Yann got wood.

It just seemed to be a question of time after this, keep it relaxed, everyone working at their own pace. The weeks passed, nothing much happened. Until August 8th, when I woke up to the news of Skyler's premature death. It's okay, she got better. Hacker, as it turned out, but we've done that story. Nevertheless, that also got me thinking of the concept of beginnings and endings. We needed a theme, or two, overture and finale. Um, Mr. Eel, any chance I can add another two to the five we already have on our '3 way split'? Must say, good guy to work for, gives you all the creative latitude you want. I like a man who says yes. So, deep breath,  two more invitations went out, this time to Jordi Heras Fauque (Spain) and Gabriel Pereira Spurr (Argentina), who in spite of being a continent apart, worked together on the Hamfuggi label, so seemed ideal to team up on a two parter.

With our team assembled, it went back to being a question of time, keeping it relaxed, everyone working at their own pace again. But there would be one final hurdle to jump when Skyler pulled out unexpectedly. Don't panic, she didn't die again, just life getting in the way, and I hope very much I'll get another chance to work with her in the not too distant future. As luck would have it, Antoine Trauma (upping the Brazilian contingent to two) accepted my invitation to come riding to the rescue and take on the element of metal. Even added glass as a free bonus, bless him. 

So, in the end, Mr. Eel got his 3 way split. With seven of us. We got there! Eventually. My undying thanks to him for the invitation, plus to all of our contributors in making it a fine album indeed, very proud to have my name on this one. As for the credited 'artist name', apologies to Maurice White, I simply couldn't resist it...

For further information on Wu Xing, you could probably do worse than look it up on Wikipedia...

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