Artist: Conny Plankton

Title: Bug Metallic

Label: Conny Plankton

Release Date: 5th October 2023

Running Time: 51:40

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp




T H E   O R I G I N A L   M I X E S ;



   Conny Plankton - Asparagi (Communitas Mix - 5:36)



   Conny Plankton - Charivna Kulya (23:01)



   Bonny Plankton - Magic Bullet Unitas Mix (20:17)




A N D   H E R E ' S   S O M E   H E   D I D   E A R L I E R ;



   Acidfuck - Piece Of Christ (4:24)



   The Purple Better One - Proboscis II - Lady Smith

 Relieved (11:10)



T H E   C O N N Y   P L A N K T O N   B L O G ;


01. Charivnya Kulya (планктон Mix) (22:56)

02. Asparagi (Diuretic Mix) (5:44)

01. Magic Bullet (Unitas in Excelsis Mix) (23:00)

Conny Plankton is the main recording project of my old friend, Kev Trundley, based over on the opposite coast of England, a nice little village on the cliffs called Saltburn-On-Sea, pictured left. We go back over 30 years, back to the golden age of cassette culture, back to when he was running The Trundley Experience, a tape label / distro service which was one of the earliest distributors of the sounds of our earlier incarnation, Magic Moments At Twilight Time. Years later, he started making music(ish) himself and had several albums on M&E under the banners of Acidfuck and The Purple Better One. But no need to go over all of that again, coz I interviewed Kev in the early days of The Magic Net, so you can read all about it there...

Interview with Kev Trundley (January 2013)

This project is the child of a different era entirely, the digital age, the hiss of chromium dioxide a distant memory. Kev first ran the idea by me back in the summer of 2022;

"Been busy on the creative front recently with working on a series of long mixes that are going up on my Mixcloud site. It did give us the idea of doing a big mega Magic Bullet Mix. What do you think? Would you be ok with me lifting out a few Magic Bullet samples for me to mix down?"

The idea wasn't exactly out of the blue, he had done a piece based on Magic Bullet samples for our Communitas collection, Asparagi, a new mix of which appears on this album. In fact, they are all new mixes of individual projects, but we're coming to that. Naturally (be still my pounding ego), I said yes. From Digitalis, he wanted all the constituent parts from Chaotic Vector Correction, Mutant Flash Mob, Single Diminutive Impression and Small Headed Gods; from Eleven Experiments In Trisecting Them, he picked Careening, Cowsbrood and Of Her Sorning; and from Solidarietas, he picked the whole album, coz it's just one long piece. I think we kept We Transfer gridlocked for a whole afternoon.

The first of Kev's megamixes came our way, via Mixcloud, at the beginning of December 2022, weighing in at 23:01 was Charivna Kulya, from the Ukrainian Чарівна Κуля, one translation of Magic Bullet. Why Ukrainian? Well, that was the summer that Optimas was released on Hamfuggi Records, and that included a reworked excerpt from the previously Russian themed piece that made up Solidarietas; only we'd changed the speech within it, the title and our band name (though we used Магія куля / Mahiya Kulya instead) on the graphic to Ukrainian, coz we were all so pissed off with Putin at the time. Which hasn't changed.

The final piece of the puzzle turned up in the summer of 2023, again via Mixcloud, though this time curiously under the name of Bonny Plankton. Titled simply Magic Bullet Unitas Mix, it ran at 20:17 and completed the three track roster, though Kev still had plans for edits and tweaks to produce three new versions. He even chopped up the name Magic Bullet to make Bug Metallic. Not the greatest anagram we've ever seen; that would have been one I saw quite some years ago for Virginia Bottomley, then a Tory MP, whose name could also spell "I'm an evil Tory bigot", how brilliant is that? But we indulged him, we're nice like that...