M I   C A S A ,   S U   C A S A   ( H a l   T a p e s ,   E C   S P L I T   2 5 )


NEW ALBUM – EC Split 25 by dabodab / Magic Bullet
Asgard is an anomaly outside the seaside enclave of Knott End. Magic Bullet hover in the vicinity; their five feet not quite touching the ground as the evil twins occasionally meet like floppers in a rift. The production line that is Mick Magic and Skit Zoyd have released a split album with dabodab.
‘EC Split 25’ the Magic Bullet side, takes us on an obscurer than obscure tour of their household; but in a central dimension. Having visited that very palace filled with psychedelic children and football memorabilia of the third kind, I can visualise the tour… Sort of…
Despite the utility room not having a portal, you soon realise Magic Bullet are in need of lobotomatic surgery and electric shock treatment. Mick, Skit and various hostessai offer you a minimalist transcendent trip through the psychodelic suburbs of Knott End. Asgard (real name Arse Guard), a village where pensioners travel by astral plane and hide their psychedelics behind wall-mounted plates. Utter nonsense, and more power to Magic Bullet for being such…
On the flipside, we slip through an open door and down a chute into the colourful world of dabodab. Before we can say Mi Casa Su Casa we have lost consciousness, but are still aware. Marilyn Baker is with us, but she’s not there either… We’re not scared though,   in  this  amazing  place  filled  with  ever-changing   hue

Neil Crud with our Sam and Twizz - chilling in Blackpool for Rebellion 2019

and saturation. Marilyn is telling us about the houses she grew up in, we’re not listening, we’re just comforted by her Zuvuya-like tones as the lights float, blink and twinkle by…


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Reviewed by Neil Crud


Lord Litter on Mi Casa, Su Casa; "Yes it's truly excellent! ... breathes the experience of a true long working artist I think .. too much of today's experimental / soundscape stuff is scraped together ... it often starts somewhere and ends nowhere ... Mi Casa .. is a creation!"


EC Split 25 by Magic Bullet & dabodab

The EC Splits are series of collaborations between various members of the Facebook Electronic Cottage group. The group is private but the Bandcamp links are not.
EC Split 25 brings together two veterans of the homemade music, cassette label and zine underground: Magic Bullet (aka Mick Magic) and dabodab (aka Bryan Baker).
I said Magic Bullet is aka Mick Magic, but it’s actually Mick and Skit Zoyd, a totally different not Mick Magic entity from a parallel reality. Assistance is provided by Samantha and Twizzle Magic plus Owen ‘Blacklight Braille’ Knight. I reviewed Magic Bullet’s Solidarietas and Curiositas last year and if you’re a fan of Mick’s Magic Moments at Twilight Time band, Magic Bullet is far more adventures-in-sound experimental than the space rock ‘n’ roll that characterized MMATT.
Magic Bullet employ an arsenal of ‘gear’, some of which includes instrumentation, but also makes creative use of the various machines and utilities that are all about the household. We have a cut-up of telephones dialing, television samples, rumbling and scratching noise-scapes, noise-melodies, and percussion, leading into more beat driven noise-dance-collage foot stomping. ‘We Would Hear The Machines’ is one of my favorites. It’s tasty Industrial sci-fi dance club collage music for robots with a KILLER vacuum cleaner finale! NICE touch! We’re also   treated   to   voice   sample   collage   cut   and   stitch   plus

household ambience. ‘May The Waters Run Through Its Pipes For Ever More’ features a running water faucet symphony with a toilet flush finale. ‘It Is For Sleeps And Dreams (A Lullaby)’ sounds like a washing machine as machine gun, alternating with blood curdling crow screams. Is this a horror movie soundtrack to a day at the coin laundry? ‘They Visit Her At Night’ would make for a bit of Saturday morning cartoon electro rock ‘n’ roll with its robotic toy instrument melody. And ‘They Depart To The Skies Of The Irish Sea’ is another collaged groove tune that sounds like a dueling mash-up of cash registers, vacuum cleaners and ray guns. Fun stuff!
For the dabodab ‘side’ of the split, Bryan Baker uses samples, electronics, toy piano, recorder, and other keys and effects to create a deep space journey that combines with Marilyn Baker’s spoken word about the houses she grew up in. The music is a mesmerizing blend of majestic space excursion, effects, and light melodies. It’s dreamy, symphonic, and peppered throughout with fun electronica, creating a nice balance of floating space, rumbling drone-fest, and alien infestation. At times I imagined Vangelis or Kitaro but with loads of freaky effects. Around the 10-minute mark electronic blips create an interesting rhythmic pulse. There are moments of intensity, as if spacecrafts were periodically rushing by to disrupt our meditation. And the rhythmic pace picks up… I love the blippity grooving but not quite dancey pulse. This would be a great one to chill out to in a planetarium.


PUBLICATION LINK - 1st March 2021:

*Jerry Kranitz is the former editor of Aural Innovations and recent author of "Cassette Culture" (published by Vinyl On Demand)


Andy Martin (UNIT, ex Apostles) on We Would Hear The Machines; "Now then, guys ‘n’ gals: which 2 pop pieces end with the sound of a vacuum cleaner being switched off? Get Down by Wire (from the free EP that accompanies the LP 154) and this splendid conceit which does indeed give us machines . . . a choir of them . . . each of which clanks, clatters, hammers and grinds away in a finely crafted precision of rhythm and stereo effects that make this one of my favourite tracks of the set. Think: Portion Control, SPK or even Nine Inch Nails but in a 21st century style. It is equally effective heard through speakers or headphones. 9/10 . . . the missing point is because it ought to be at least a minute longer." (from a review of the "Godspunk Volume 22" compilation on Pumf Records, which can be found at;