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DAYS 33 - 1;

Every day from Monday 11th September until Thursday 12th October, there will be a real time "Days To Go" release countdown on the front page of this website. On the Facebook Event Page, however, there is a special 30-1 countdown, each day featuring a graphic plate and free music track related to one of the included albums (the free music will also be made available on this website via our imaginatively titled "The Free Music Page"). There are two exceptional days along the way when we'll pause that special countdown, after which it and the website will be in synch (from 19 down); the first of these is on Wednesday 20th September, it being the 30th anniversary of The Grain Festival, certainly worthy of a day to itself. Do watch out for something a bit special coming your way on the freebies page and Facebook there. The second is Saturday 23rd September, a pause to mark the 18th anniversary of the death of original MMATT synthesist, Kate Twilight. On that day, the free track will be, most appropriately, due to Kate's significant input on it, "Caulphorquaets", originally released on "The At Twilight Time Album" (C-4014) in November 1987. Jay and I had been playing around with a sequence we really liked, we knew we could make something good come out of it, but were seriously struggling to get there. Finally, we realised that what it needed was a good melody line to go with our electronic brand of freakiness, so up went the shout, "Call for Kate!" The final title is, of course, a pun on the Squeeze song, "Cool For Cats".

Exceptional Day 2 - Kate Twilight - RIP - Thursday 23rd September 1999

Exceptional Day 1 - The Grain Festival - Sunday 20th September 1987


The collection is officially released on Friday 13th October, unlucky for some, on which day the website will be updated to include details of how to place your order. The reason I picked that date is because it was that of the release of our first ever 'out of house' album, "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt" by Christ! (MMATT 32, 1989). Until that point, I'd been personally involved in the recording of the vast majority of the music we'd put out, as well as assembling the masters and making the inlays. This was the first album ever received as a 'finished product', which would later become the norm for Music & Elsewhere, so has always had a special place in our history. To commemorate that special place, a free mp3 download of the entire C60 album will be available from the Friday (via Dropbox), courtesy of the band's Philip Hutchinson, to whom we offer a big ta kissy kissy.


On the Facebook Event Page, over the whole release weekend (probably won't start until late afternoon on the Friday though, give the Americans a chance to get out of bed), the plan is to keep things interesting enough to have people popping back and forth to see what's going on. There'll be postings (no, seriously), graphics, photos, music, videos, free downloads, giveaways and undoubtedly a few surprises. Come and join us!


On Sunday 15th October, to mark the end of the release weekend, we'll be making a free mp3 download of the original "United World Underground" compilation (MMATT CD 2, 2001), the CD of which is included in the collection, available via Dropbox.