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   R E L E A S E   W E E K E N D   E V E N T   P A G E


U.S.A. & Canada -9 to -5 / CEST & South Africa +1 / EEST & MSK +2 / Thailand +6 / Japan +8 / Australia +7 to +10

FREEBIES: Throughout the weekend, we're going to be offering you the chance to get hold of many CD's and downloads, plus the odd surprise item, here's how you do it; if it's a hard copy item (e.g. CD, cassette etc), simply e-mail me (address under 'Contact') and tell me what you're after. The name of every claimant will go in the hat and the winner will be the first one drawn out. If it's a downloadable album from Klappstuhl Records (KDL), who have graciously provided us with 65 of them to help us celebrate our 25th birthday, same again, but there can obviously be more than one winner. If it's an unlimited download (UDL), we already have it on Dropbox waiting, so everyone who wants a copy can have one. Just e-mail us and we'll get a link sent to you. If you don't have an account with Dropbox, don't worry, they are completely free, easy to set up and incredibly useful. Nobody need leave empty handed, enjoy muchly...



  Saturday 14th Oct.    
  12:30 So, the Facebook event page is still there, you can look at the posts and interact with them, but it won't let me post anything new for now, I'd best leave it an hour or so. Just tried posting "Can I post yet?" on it and it went up with no problem. "Hallelujah!" I thought, then put up the next proper post. "It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too quickly. You've been blocked from using it." Zuckerberg, can I just say how much I loathe you? So, this morning... first off, we did a bit of catch up on yesterday, went over the freebies again, played a bit of "Acidic Heaven", then we were joined online by Toshiyuki Hiraoka from Japan. So we played a few tracks, had a bit of a chat and tried to give some albums away. Hey, can't have social behaviour on social media, you're blocked, mister!  

FREEBIES (Cassette & CD's)


Up for grabs is the original M&E master cassette for Toshi's album "T - M&E Special Edition". It features everything from the CD, plus a few bonus tracks and the whole of his first collaborative album with Okaniwa Fumihiro, running about 85 minutes in all. There can be only one! If you'd like to be in with a chance, let me know you want it and your name goes into the hat on Monday morning.  

We also have one copy of the original "T" CD, plus one of his 2000 collaboration with the Virgin Prunes' Dave-iD Busaras, "Bushy Luxury (The Whole Story)". There's about twice the number of tracks on that as on the M&E version, "Bushy Luxury (Not The Whole Story)", but I guess the title kind of gave that away. If you'd like a chance to win either of these, just let me know you want either one of both and your name goes into the hat on Monday morning.  
  14:55 We've been mucking through, trying posting things (we've been on Galactic Lilah and many other Peter Clasen projects, dead cool) on my regular Farcebook account instead (https://www.facebook.com/mickmagic.uwu), but so much of it seems to get lost in the general newsfeed, rather than going to the people who had ticked 'interested' or actually gone to the Release Weekend Event page for the very purpose of seeing it. Getting nothing like the same level of response and interaction. Feeling more than just a little dispirited to be honest, but many thanks to all of you who have involved yourselves and it's nice to see orders still coming in. I'm going to give it an hour or so, go away and wind down a bit, then come back and see what's happening. At least finally, 2 hours after blocking it, Farcebook have let me post an explanation as to what was going on, it's just been sat there, dead in the water, no rhyme or reason previously. See you all about 16:00 BST / UTC +1, fingers crossed...  
  16:35 The Farcebook block on the Release Weekend Event page (for our crime of trying to have an event on it) is still in place, I can't even post on there to suggest an alternative, so any Plan B is for now out of the question. To be honest, I've rather had enough for today. I thought I'd be spending it chatting to friends and fellow music fans, sharing sounds etc. Instead, I'm at a bit of a loss and am ready to wave the white flag. 10:00 BST / UTC +1 tomorrow, I'll be back to give it another go, see if we can't avoid falling foul of Farcebook's unaccountable wrath again. Until then, enjoy a trip around the website, read some of the articles, take in some free music, enjoy muchly. Certainly hope you'll have a better time than I am at the moment! Life, don't talk to me about life...