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   R E L E A S E   W E E K E N D   E V E N T   P A G E


U.S.A. & Canada -9 to -5 / CEST & South Africa +1 / EEST & MSK +2 / Thailand +6 / Japan +8 / Australia +7 to +10

FREEBIES: Throughout the weekend, we're going to be offering you the chance to get hold of many CD's and downloads, plus the odd surprise item, here's how you do it; if it's a hard copy item (e.g. CD, cassette etc), simply e-mail me (address under 'Contact') and tell me what you're after. The name of every claimant will go in the hat and the winner will be the first one drawn out. If it's a downloadable album from Klappstuhl Records (KDL), who have graciously provided us with 65 of them to help us celebrate our 25th birthday, same again, but there can obviously be more than one winner. If it's an unlimited download (UDL), we already have it on Dropbox waiting, so everyone who wants a copy can have one. Just e-mail us and we'll get a link sent to you. If you don't have an account with Dropbox, don't worry, they are completely free, easy to set up and incredibly useful. Nobody need leave empty handed, enjoy muchly...



  Friday 13th Oct.    



And we're off! I'll be sat here for most of my waking hours out of the next 50 of them, sharing some goodies with you and giving away lots of nice things. Well, and trying to persuade you to buy our wonderful UWU Collection, natch! But firstly, let us tempt you by giving you a part of it for nothing; the original UWU compilation CD (MMATT CD2) from 2001 has been converted to mp3's and a copy awaits anybody who wants one. Featured artists are Into The Abyss (Greece), Dark Star (Germany), Eye (Australia), Earth (Germany), Grass Harp (Germany), Ras.Al.Ghul (Portugal), Idiom (England), Blacklight Braille (U.S.A.), Lord Litter (Germany), The Stinking Badger Of Java (Australia), Neo / Operattack (England), T.M.R. (England), Cosmic Dance Society (Germany), Love In A Plague (England) and Steve Andrews (Wales). Just ask and it's yours, see above for all the details on claiming freebies...  
  FREEBIES (UDL) Secondly, to the reason we picked this date; it was on this day in 1989 that the old MMATT label released the first 'out of house' album, thus setting the template for M&E in the future. That album was "Please Don't Touch My Yoghurt" (MMATT 32) by Christ! I'm not being overly dramatic, the exclamation mark was part of their name. Courtesy of band member Philip Hutchinson, we have a digital version of that tape to give away to everyone who wants a copy. There's a 'trailer' on the FREE MUSIC PAGE, go give your ears a battering. If you like what you hear, it's yours! Well, you can have it if you don't like it too, we are an equal opportunities disseminator of old underground music.  
  19:10 You've not missed a huge amount so far, just a bit of preamble and banter, plus we've been listening to some stuff by MMATT and The Charles, bit nostalgic really, chatting about The Grain and that. There's plenty about us on the website anyway, I'm sure you probably know all the links already. But there are some more freebies up for grabs, so do feel free to dip your fingers in the cookie jar...  


1 x Cassette


We have one copy of the original "Grain-Aid!" cassette compilation (MMATT 19, July 1988), featuring MMATT, The Charles and many other wondrous bands from our old local scene back in the day. If you'd like it, let me know and your name will go into the hat on Monday morning. If you're not the lucky winner or you're one of these Luddites that hasn't got a cassette player yet (!!!), you can find the entire album at https://soundcloud.com/camberley_grain as well.  


& 1 x Cassette

We also have one solitary copy of The Charles' "Whirligig Cassette II", complete with hand-painted on body titling! This is a genuine 1987 demo cassette and should only go to a genuine lover of antiques! If you'd like it, same as the one above. But this time, if you aren't the lucky winner, it's also available as a free download. Just send me your e-mail and I'll get a link sent to you.  
  19:50 Yeah, we're still on the MMATT and The Charles stuff at the moment, but we're about to move on to Lord Litter and Das Freie Orchester. In the meantime, there's more goodies to have a grab at...  
  FREEBIES (KDL) Courtesy of Klappstuhl Records, we have 5 free download codes for the 'best of MMATT' double album, "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" (SP 008, 2015). There's around two hours of material from the golden age of the underground there, the cassette years, 1987-1992, and they did an amazing job with the remastering. If you'd like one of the 5 copies, just e-mail me your request and your name will go into the hat on Monday morning. Et voila! In the meantime, you can have a listen at https://klappstuhl.bandcamp.com/album/flashbax-ultimate (and do check up some of the other excellent releases from the label, some really good stuff)...  
  21:00 That's about an hour we've done of Lord Litter and his various projects, mostly courtesy of You Tube. Didn't mean to do so long on one artist, but he is just so talented! Well, that's why we picked him for the collection, natch. No more freebies just yet, sorry! However, here's a great place to dip into Litter's world, where you'll find archived radioshows, albums, all sorts and all free... https://archive.org/details/@lord_litter  
  22:20 So, we've done an hour of X Ray Pop videos, I've started on the beer and I have a lovely custard slice here that I'm building up to. What's good of X Ray Pop to leave you with? Oh yeah, Doc Pilot has a You Tube Channel at... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtKbhLLK2tsMHgBrvcXD2FQ  
  FREEBIES (CD) We have a nice shiny copy of the X Ray Pop CD, "Surrealistic Pilot" (East West, 2001). Want it? You know what you have to do, tell me, that's it. Then your name goes into the hat Monday morning and who knows? It could be you!  
  23:10 We've covered Glass (Reverbnation - https://www.reverbnation.com/cactusrose), L.G. Mair Jr. (grab a free download from https://continuo.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/l-g-mair-jr-music-for-winefride/) and Karg, part of the early years Trost stable of Viennese underground bands. Trost is still going as a label, you'll find their official website at http://www.trost.at/, and there our evening ends, time to sleep. I'll be back here and on Facebook about 10:00 in the morning, hope you'll come join me again. Sweet dreams to those for whom it's bedtime too. Oh, and don't blame us, blame the sun, for those who are on totally incompatible times. Night!  
  Saturday 14th Oct.    
  10:05 Good morning! Just about to get going again, feeling all vibrant and refreshed after my beauty sleep (it's really not working)! Don't forget, all the above freebies are still up for grabs, there'll be plenty more today and tomorrow, and they are genuinely no strings. It's our 25th birthday, we're celebrating, okay!?  
  12:00 NOON HOUSTON - WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Facebook have just blocked us (hopefully just temporarily) for daring to use their Event Page service to host an event. I have made a complaint, but we all know how much notice they normally take of those. For the time being, I am going to try posting some things on my usual account (https://www.facebook.com/mickmagic.uwu). For those of you following on here, it shouldn't present a problem, but please let your friends know. Don't you just love Facebook for their faceless unaccountability to the users they make an absolute fucking fortune out of? I'm just going to make myself a coffee, then I'll update this with the freebies we've put up this morning. The arrows at the foot of the page will move you up the timeline...