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Magic Moments At Twilight Time: Flashbax Ω Ultimate

Posted by Andrea Piran

Oct 11 2016

Artist: Magic Moments At Twilight Time
Title: Flashbax Ω Ultimate
Format: CD + Download
Klappstuhl Records (@)

This release is a compilation is a compilation of the best tracks of Magic Moments At Twilight Time and aims to create a detailed picture of the band using tracks from all their releases so featuring all their members. Apart from this CDr, the release features an additional download with other tracks and a booklet. The music is something that could be classified as post punk but the tracks reveal a more multifaceted nature as they sometimes expose an experimental aim instead of a more typical pop attitude. Courageously the label decided to let the sound closer to their time so it doesnít sound as most remastered edition exposing a modern sound instead of the sound of that time.
The musical framework of "State Of The Art" is as outdated as nostalgic; itís not something sounding old, itís really old and it triggers a sense of lost time. "Story X" is almost irresistible in his dancey attitude. "Pandora" deals with dub oriented sounds while "Traveller II" is a real pop tune. "Blitzkrieg!" is probably an homage to a band as the title suggests. "Psychojolting" and ĒGet Into The Dream Cream" are essential rock tracks with an electronic sound while "Shades Of Purple" tries to remove the rock ingredient from the recipe. "Bewitched" is instead an example of their more experimental output while "Spirit" is even an acoustic track and "Acidic Heaven" is an algid track based on guitar and synth. "Magic Moments At Twilight Time" closes this release blending all characteristics of their sound: a punk attitude, a new wave sound and a pop writing.
The booklet available as a download include a full introduction of all tracks and is a must to enjoy this release which is more a nostalgic postcard from the past than a path for the future but itís a release that shows what kind of gems are forgotten to remember some old dinosaur. A must for philologists.


Well, I'm rather pleased to be able to kick off a new network section with a publication that is completely new to us, Chain D.L.K.! It's actually been around since 1994, working out of Italy or Switzerland (I'll find out, promise), presumably as a paper based magazine that far back, when M&E was still in its infancy. But somehow, in spite of being involved in the same wider underground for nine years together, we managed to miss each other. To be honest, this isn't a new friend I've made (yet), rather a review generated by Klappstuhl, which Carsten S told me about, though the online magazine do rather politely send you a notice too. I like that. Then I get a message from the man behind Eye, Aya and Blatant Propaganda in Australia (who likes to keep his real name out of the public sphere, being something of a political subversive, so you know how it goes ("Don't tell him, Pike!"), and he's telling me that the guy behind this was a huge support to his projects back in the day, and is now a very successful engineer and producer in the USA. That man is Marc Urselli, and I looked him up, Rob (oops) isn't wrong. Turns out he's worked with the likes of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson (and the list goes on and never gets any less impressive). And he's won three Grammy Awards. And he STILL edits an underground webzine!? I love this guy, that's what the spirit of the underground was all about. Respect. I sent Marc an e-mail just recently to say thanks for the review, so I've only had the one piece of contact as yet, but this is the kind of operation I just know I'll be 100% behind; that of a true believer. Marc tells me that, although there are no projects of his own he'd like a plug for, Chain D.L.K. is looking for "new writers, programmers, marketing / promotion people who are into this scene and willing to help a pro bono magazine that has been covering the scene without making a profit for over 20 years", so if anyone is up for it, do get in touch. And say hi from us! Links;



Back on familiar 20 year plus territory now, Bryan Baker has been on the friends list since the early 90's, and he'd already been at it a few years by then. Today, there's a vast amount of archive content on the website (no, it's not a paper magazine any more, there can't be many of them left at all), and he still adds reviews as and when he has time. I've only recently thought to ask him about reviewing "FΩU", so no reprint of something he hasn't written yet (I suppose I could make one up... amazing album... so well produced... so brilliant a collection of tracks... so buy it! Yeah, that'll do...), but then that's not why I'm giving him a plug on this occasion. Nope, it's because he's trawled through his archives and come across an ancient issue of The Mmattrix Newszine, No. 5 from July 1992, 18 months older than any of the other zines