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  available as PDF's on here! It's a real trip down memory lane for the seasoned networker and underground music fan alike, take a look inside: The cover is to do with the release of "Mmattland Community Radio" (MMATT 35), which should have Garry Lee scurrying to the nearest coal cellar to hide, plus there are articles on The Alternative Shop, Come Together Productions, Keynote Cassettes, Guilfin, Adrian Creek's Pop Scene, Radio Cracker, Irre Tapes, Krime Sonik, Freedom Overflow, Lord Litter / KFR Germany / EB Metronom, Mareor Tri's Stefan Knappe, My Way, Ptolemaic Terrascope, Anemic Billfold, The Organ, Pumf, The Paps Of Anu / Crohinga Well / The Magic Mushroom, Stick It In Your Ear, Waffle On Surreal / Noo Muzik, Rodent Tapes, BBP / KFR UK, Obscure Delight Tapes, Old Europa Cafe, Alternate Media, Set Cassettes and Hax. There's also all the reviews for the second batch of releases on Music & Elsewhere (M&E 042 - 088), then just three months old! The Gajoob archive also includes image galleries, and Bryan has scanned and included the very first letter he ever received from me. Yes, I know, what was I on!? I was young(ish) and full of enthusiasm, what can I say? Well, have a read yourself and simply enjoy a flavour of times gone by and unlikely to return. The latest from Bryan is that he's in the process of getting a Gaboob Tube Vlog going, which will be something else to look forward to. He's also still running Tapegerm, which is always worth dipping into. I don't know about the radioshow anymore though, he used to do one on KRCL in Salt Lake City. And there lies an amusing story. He hadn't had our "Zoen Nostalgia" album very long, thus hadn't listened to it all through thoroughly. So, when it came to picking a track to play live on air, he just went with the one he most liked the title of. Here, have a listen, courtesy of Klappstuhl Records, see if you think he made the right decision...


Let's just say I would love to have seen his face and leave it at that, eh? Bryan's expressed an interest in interviewing me at some point in the near future, so hopefully I'll be able to get a more detailed update of his activities then. Meanwhile, don't be shy about making contact, and say hi from us. Though maybe don't mention the "Dream Cream" incident...



Left - The Mmattrix No.5 (Summer 1992) - 18 pages A4, PDF format, 29.3MB

Right - A genuine 2nd September 1992

Mick Magic letter - JPG format, 1.28MB.


Yes, another gushing plug for that really very nice label that put out our 'best of' album last year. Of course, you probably know all about "FLASHBAX Ω ULTIMATE" already, I may possibly have mentioned it once or twice, just in passing. BUT... as part of our MMATT 30th Anniversary celebrations, they are now selling the download version for only 5,00! Not bad for two hours of music, artwork and a booklet, huh? It's also well worth checking out the rest of the Klappstuhl katalog, it's extremely impressive. Being on BANDCAMP, you get the chance to listen before you buy, so do dip in and treat your ears. My personal fave is the L.H.D. "TRANSITIONS EP", an industrial masterpiece, a track from which was featured on the sadly defunct M&E Showcase a couple of years back. One of the latest on the label is the INSTITUTE OF NOISE - "ACHTUNG MESSARBEITEN" album, another great lost masterwork of electro-experimentalism that deserves to reach more ears. There's a PDF INFO SHEET on that release if you'd like to know more. Oh yeah, and a special mention for one of Carsten S's excellent digital remasterings; SOLANACEAE TAU - "OUTDOOR EXPRESSIONS", which you may well remember from the M&E catalogue, we released the cassette album in 1992, but I have to admit this version sounds much better!

The original cassette album cover - M&E 023 - released April 1992

If you'd like to take a general sampling journey through the world of Klappstuhl, your best port of call would be the compilation album, "THE CONSTANT RISE OF EXPECTATIONS", a fine selection based on the theme of the pressures of everyday life. I sympathise, I'm always losing my glasses. And there's a nice little MICROSOFT POWERPOINT SLIDESHOW PRESENTATION (13.7MB) about that one too. Do they spoil you or what? All the albums are available in reasonably priced download versions, look down to the lower right on the relevant page for the 'contact' option if you'd prefer a hard copy. And say hi from us!