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Thanks again go out to The Mighty One, the man I often describe as the Patron Saint Of The Underground. His Lordship has been a great supporter of our MMATT and M&E projects from the earliest days, one of that noble subterranean hardcore that inspired the beginning of my journey and helped lure me back from oblivion. He recently sent me the playlist for his Magic Music Box International radioshow for 9th November, and he'd already included one of the tracks from our "Down The Rabbit Hole" adventure! What a nice man. So, was it the good and sensible one? You know, that 12 minute electro-analogue anthem, "The Electric Age Cometh"? No, it was that bloody silly Peppa Pig one. You know, the one with the snort at the end. I did that. Oink. He's billed it on the playlist as 'The Comeback'. Well, look, I don't want everyone thinking that any new MMATT project is going to be space-psyche fuelled covers of the themes from popular children's entertainment; stuff like "Ben And Holly's Little Kingdom" (though the quote "Magic always leads to trouble" seems strangely appropriate), "Sponge Bob Squarepants" (who lives in an Escortron up in the stars?) and "Star Wars" (it IS for kids, shut up)! No, you know MMATT, we stick with much more mature themes than that. Little green men in bowler hats, um... okay, you got me there. Jörg (oh yes, we're on first name terms, you know) continues to produce one of the most delightful selections of no rules eclecticism on the radio today. And, thanks to the joys of modern day com-tech, just about anyone can listen whenever they like. I should explain though, the sound is stored digitally on a server thing, it's not like Jörg actually lives in an international music box, waiting for you to click on a link. Far be it from me to provide such misleading information. He lives in Berlin really. I interviewed him for The Magic Net a while back, so you can find out all about him in great detail there;


You'll also find oodles of interesting stuff on his website (see link at end). An accomplished muzo himself, he's produced a plethora of work over the years (yes Andy Sacrifice, it means more than one), quite a few albums of which were released on M&E back in the day and may well be making a reappearance in our 25th Anniversary year in 2017. Currently, he's working as part of a 'basics' duo (two voices and a ukelele) called Meta Georgia, along with his good lady, Hilke 'Goatchair' Hesse. Back to the radio thing again - he's always on the lookout for new material for his show, but do beware; he's strictly old school. If you send him some bland generic promo e-mail with a link to your latest demo, expect to be ignored. Like myself, the underground to him has always been about the connections and the relationships you form across the years, that's what made it special. If you want to be treated like a commodity, stick with the mainstream, they're good at that. His Lordship archives all his shows for posterity, you'll find the one "Variations (On A Theme By Peppa Pig)" appears on right here, possibly right up until the world ends in flames (sshhh);


The show also includes tracks by Max Paul Maria, Cary Grace, Sendelica, Scott Walker, Massimo Discepoli / Daniel Barbiero, Trio Beau Soir, Dan Mischa Goldman, Joyful Talk and Xposed 4Heads. Like I said, eclectic. Open your mind, open your heart, and enjoy muchly...



Already a very successful band by 1992 when M&E started up, it was a great honour to have a special collection by The Flowers Of Romance on the label. I've seen original copies swapping hands for €200,00 and more online, making it the most collectible and valuable M&E tape ever (if you don't fancy paying quite that much, wait till next year for the M&E 25 collections). Seriously, if you have one, wrap it in cotton wool and keep it away from fridge magnets! Mike Pougounas is a great guy, has always remained firmly grounded and I've been proud to call him a friend ever since. Well, apart from the time he got me hammered on Ouzo on Shepherd's Bush Green maybe. Hangover from Hell, that one was. Mike also used to do a lot of freelance writing back in the day, particularly for some of the big Greek underground zines, the names of which completely escape me these days, apart from Golgotha, I'm sure there was one called Golgotha. If there wasn't, there should have been. If there was, Mike wrote for it. Hang on a minute, he's just sent me some updated info, I'll go read that and come back to you. Put the kettle on, I won't be long. Right, sorted. These days, Mike does The Blackout Radioshow, a weekly two hour syndicated broadcast, appearing on; KOWS 107.3FM in California, Radio Fréquence Bordeaux in France and Wicked Spins Radio in the UK. And, of course, available on the internet. He gave our old classic "Acidic Heaven" a spin back in August (nice man) and had just recently given that stupid "Variations" thing a play too. How many times do you think you're going to hear the theme from 'Peppa Pig' on a goth show? Exactly, don't miss it, it's available for streaming right here (I'm not sure how long for, so apologies if this is a dead link now, but with Google / other search engines are available, nothing is ever truly lost on the world wide web)...


Also includes tracks by The Wedding Present, NU:N, The Beauty of Gemina, Weird, Dead Skeletons, Wilson, Disjecta Membra, Panophonic, Panic Syndrome, The Musket Vine and The Lost Souls, amongst others.

Mike also writes TRIBE4MIAN'S WEBLOG ("Never let yourself fall into oblivion", wise words indeed) on this here internet thing, covering many things of interest to the underground minded ('Spacefest' in Poland sounds particularly interesting, might nip over in the Escortron) and other explorers of deeper truths. He was recently (well, August, I know this issue is a bit late) kind enough to give our "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" album a review on it. Told you he was a nice man. And no headache and nausea afterwards this time. I suppose I should reprint it for you. If you'd please turn your computer to the next page then...