... why? The Doc indeed had a purpose for telling us all about the tragic attack of the previously mentioned 'intergalactic tyrant'. The being in question was the self styled Dark Starlord Of The Ampire, Xhen Q'Innz, who had launched a personal vendetta against the Tron family, extending to all members and friends of Magic Moments At Twilight Time, ultimately resulting in the death of 'The Three Dozen' named on 'The Roll Of The Lost' in 1995. This, of course, did not happen on our Earth, our 1995 'cataclysm' was nothing more than a long bitter legal battle with a man whose rather more terrestrial name was pronounced similarly (undoubtedly just a trippy coincidence). And anyway, he was certainly no intergalactic tyrant, just a slightly less than competent CD manufacturing broker with some serious customer service issues. The Doc has studied our history in both universes and concluded the different outcomes hold the key: The band's origin was incredibly similar on both sides. However, by the end of the 80's, when all four members of the classic line up had gone their own ways, our stories had already diverged greatly. To offer a couple of examples; there was no "Zoen Nostalgia II: Earthbound" on their side and the Music & Elsewhere label never happened. In later years, the MMATT of his world was inducted into 'The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame', whereas ours had 'Single Of The Week' on Radio Cracker in 1992. He believes the key pivotal moment is somewhere between the release of the first edition of "Zoen Nostalgia" in July 1989 and "White Hawk Atomic" in December 1991, and if we are able to establish that exact 'point of divergence', thanks to his ability to time travel, he can put right what once went wrong. I'll leave you with The Doc's own words;

"I believe I can prevent this from ever happening. I believe, with the help of our counterpart on your Earth, life on mine can be restored to how it should be, how it was before that despicable monster became involved in our lives."

A publication from an alternate universe; the 'order of service' booklet from the memorial for 'The Three Dozen', held on Wednesday 25th October 1995.



  It is hard to believe that the roots of the band are now three decades behind us, but they certainly are. On Wednesday 2nd July 1986, having accidentally discovering our Nicam Stereo VHS machine (ask your dad) was capable of elementary multi-tracking, I made a short test recording of one of my old songs. Not a MMATT song, this was prior to the now legendary interference of the small green one, so it has never seen the light of day since. However, it was mixed into the background of the title track of our test demo, "W20 Advance Guard" (December 1986), and the acoustic 12 string / vocal track can be heard from about 2 minutes onwards. So here's a little pressie for you to celebrate that far off day, a lovingly digitised mp3 of that very track for your aural pleasuring;


And to get you in the mood, here are the first three entries from "The Journals Of Dr. Mick Magic PsD", originally written in the period leading up to the making of that historic first recording...

21st June 1986; It's a total of 338 months since my arrival on this planet Earth and I still can't say I understand these humans very well. Apparently, they take no notice of their leaders, despising most of them, especially one called Thatcher, a female. Oddly enough, however, they listen to politics only when spoken by pop stars, or a gentleman by the name of Ben Elton. Thus, I made my decision today that if I am to enlighten this small world at the galaxy's edge, I must purchase a guitar and amplifier. I did so today at a place in Fleet, called Kingfisher Music. Interesting.

28th June 1986; Collected the aforementioned, it seems they do not trust their banking establishments either. Strange race, homo sapiens.

2nd July 1986; Enjoyed an episode of "Dallas" this Wednesday evening. Marvellous man is J.R., excellent taste in headwear. Recorded a ballad I have written entitled "Gotta Get Me Back In Your Heart", purely as an experiment. I can see that becoming a pop star at the age of 705 (Earth years) is not going to be easy.

From now, merely the beginning of the band's anniversary year, all the way until our official 30th birthday on Tuesday 25th October (and beyond!), we'll be highlighting the key dates on social media and doing whatever we can to keep the journey fun and interesting. If you're a user, do pop a 'like' on the MAGIC MOMENTS AT TWILIGHT TIME FACEBOOK PAGE to keep up to date with everything that's going on. If you want to make sure you don't miss anything thanks to those irritating little Facebook algorithms, just select 'See First' from 'In Your News Feed' and 'All On' from 'Notifications'. Up yours, Zuckerberg. Non Facebook users can also view the posts, follow links and listen to the music, you just won't be able to message us or leave comments. Of course, if something seriously interesting is happening, we'll probably send you an e-mail anyway, so if we don't have an e-mail address and you don't want to be all left out and abandoned, please do click on the 'Contact' button and send us one. Be assured it'll be a very low traffic commitment and your privacy will be respected 100%.


Amongst the stuff going down between now and 25th October will be the resumption of the Facebook page based photo story, UNDERGROUND DAZE, which rather stalled at the launch of "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" and has had nothing added since February. It's effectively the second chapter of the band's history (following on from THE STORY STARTED YEARS AGO...), covering our return in 1990 with "Zoen Nostalgia II: Earthbound" through to the release of "Creavolution" in 1996, our ultimum opus, and best selling one by a long way, actually outselling all of our other albums put together. As we get to that point in the story, the album will be uploaded to REVERBNATION for your listening pleasure, albeit at 128kbps due to said medium's file size limitations. It's not been widely available for 15 years now, so I hope that won't be seen as too much of a downside (the "Decadion" collections were at the same resolution and we thought they sounded great!), but you may be pleased to know that we do have plans for it to be reissued in all its original glory in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, if you want to hear some top quality sounding MMATT from the golden age (1987-1992), "Flashbax Ω Ultimate: The Best Of MMATT" (Klappstuhl Records, SP 008) remains on sale. The download version can be purchased via the label's BANDCAMP presence, but you'll need to E-MAIL them (Carsten speaks perfect English) if you'd like the