Now I remember hearing about Charles Rice Goff III from Irre Tapes' Matthias Lang back in the early 90's (though I still suspect this is an old photograph!), he was a member of Herd Of The Ether Space and well known on the network since the early 80's. Somehow though, we managed to avoid eachother all through that golden age, go figure. Someone I haven't known for over 20 years, hallelujah! Now, however, thanks to the mighty Lord Litter, we're friends. Taped Rugs (Tape Drugs, geddit?) is currently celebrating its 36th year with the release of Turkey Makes Me Sleepy's "Odyssey Of A Gravy Boat", one of CRG3's manifold collaborations with all manner of strange musicians and elsewhericians (yes, I really do make these words up). As with a lot of Taped Rugs Productions, you'll find this one freely available on the incredible internet repository that is ARCHIVE.ORG, around which the TAPED RUGS AUDIO DIRECTORY will guide you. It's not just music with Taped Rugs either, they've done videos, poetry, short fiction, you name it. Thus it's very worth a trip to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to get a broader view of what's going on there. Not to mention PODOMATIC for podcasts of "new and old Taped Rugs recordings mixed together to embellish wide-ranging themes, unique experiences for adventurous listeners". You've been warned! CRG3 has been doing a radioshow called Lo Finest for a while now too, the general aim of which is the glorification of that homemade era ('hometapers' was the word in popular usage in the U.S.A.) of underground music, back in the day when it was hardly the norm it later became. We're talking the true DIY spirit here, folks. He's spun a couple of old MMATT tracks from "Flashbax Vol. 4" on his show in 2015 and has promised to include some from "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" this year. Nice man. Only it won't be on Lo Finest now coz it was hosted on the Aural Innovations website which has now been frozen. There are a decade's worth of his shows archived there though; LO FINEST ON AI. Happy listening! His new show is called THE DEPROGRAMMING CENTER, which broadcasts on FM radio in California, and you'll find the last few shows online on the link. Et voila, think that about covers it. So on to the man who introduced us...


Okay, closer to 25 years now! Lord Litter has been a great friend and supporter of the M&E project from day one, already giving regular plugs and airplay for MMATT as far back as 1990, releasing our stuff in Germany, including us on compilations and being an endless source of wisdom and good advice. His "Torn Between Temptations" album picked up our Release Of The Season accolade in April 1992, our very first batch of releases (yup, silver anniversary next year). His boundless enthusiasm once again cut in when we released "Decadion 2" (M&E 601), our first new M&E collection in a decade, a recommendation went straight on the front page of his website. Nice man. Although he normally has a strict "no mp3's" policy, when I put an article about our origins (WE ARE GOING AGAINST THE GRAIN) on here, with accompanying music files on SOUNDCLOUD, he played tracks from ourselves and The Charles on his radioshow. Very nice man. In the "Litter Legends" section too. Bless him. LORD LITTER'S RADIO ON SHOW 2015-9 is, of course, archived online, so do feel free to have a listen to that. RADIO ON BERLIN play the shows in rotation for several months, plus he also records shows for RADIO MARABU and KWTF. If that's still not enough for you, there are about 170 archived shows online too, but you're just being greedy now, let's face it. He's been giving our "Flashbax Ω Ultimate" album a fair bit of airplay recently too. Very very nice man. He's been to visit a couple of times, here we are modelling the latest Sosumi T-shirts at Virginia Water circa 1993...

I couldn't say how many we helped them sell. Ahem. I actually interviewed Lord Litter about three years ago, see if you can guess which link to follow; MICK MAGIC INTERVIEWS LORD LITTER / TRAMS

(we're not finished yet, there's more...)