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Did you win a sticker, well done! Of course, that's a little out of date now, so I asked Jörg (that's his real name, us being good friends and all) what he was up to and thinking about at the moment. He's nowt if not thorough...

       "As some might know, I started my underground life in the 1980s, when via new invented 4-track cassette recorders, in combination with Xerox machines and the worldwide postal system, an international underground scene came alive that would end in planet Earth's archives as a "cassette culture movement". Right now, a big data base is created in Germany which will tell future generations about what was going on. Then came the digital age with ways for everyone to produce (computer) and distribute (internet) more or less directly from the living room. The digital age also brought a conglomeration of everything that once was somehow separated and clearly defined. So today all seems possible with a cleverly constructed You Tube account and some online download offerings.
       While almost everybody in the classic days was unique and individual, because they all wanted to get away from the music biz rules and regulations that were always leading to the same market-approved results, the update online version too often goes the opposite way, because it seems possible to become the next superstar by applying to today's rules and regulations .. right out of one's living room. Today's mainstream is just a mouse-click away.
       So on the one hand I find the most interesting, unique new creations - creative people whose work is often based on 70 years of recorded sound. On the other hand I find an avalanche of mediocre boring copy cats.
       With my radioshows, I try to present the unique underground individuals of the modern age. Long working musicians offering a new, unique quality - no matter what style or genre. I tend to work with a small group of selected musicians, presenting them often at my shows - no endless string of zillions of online files - no - a carefully chosen  

new physical release will be presented for months, and often after several months, or even years, will make a comeback on my radioshows.
       Communication - I don't want to write a lengthy chapter about this aspect - but - communication totally changed with the so called social media. Sure the days of 4 paged handwritten letters may be over, today's communication is shorter because it's quicker - but - a "that's cool" on Facebook is no real "communication" at all. To cut it short; people who never really communicate are sorted out sooner or later. And - yes - like music cassettes, I receive handwritten letters again!        

       I only work with physical releases (CD, Vinyl, MC) - *all files in the cloud* will sooner or later disappear. I could go much more detailed into this aspect but probably will save that for later. Reduction is a healing process these days, if I look at the exploding amount of all that is available to everyone today. Everything becomes meaningless, because there is always more and more and ... It is badly needed to learn again to select and choose with a conscious mind. Buy one carefully selected physical release, then sit down and listen to the entire release - makes you experience another dimension!
       A first step into the above defined direction are my 3 radioshows, presenting the same crew of creative people but from different angles. The KFR show is a fresh music show, the Radio On show grew into something like a magazine with experimental overtones and the Radio Marabu show now has a strong social context.
       I guess producing radioshows and connecting people is my main work at the moment. Producing own music and everything else seems to need a creative break ... well lets put it this way - compared to the old days, when spitting out a production almost every other month, I'm dead slow these days. My last solo CD "Still Dancin" is from 2014 and the Meta Georgia CD, the duo with my girlfriend, was released 2013. No own concerts, no hosting of live shows at the moment.
       More than 190 broadcasted radioshows you can find at http://www.archive.org for download and/or to listen to, search for Lord Litter.


If anything of the above sounded interesting - get in touch!"
contact: http://www.LordLitter.de - LordLitter@LordLitter.de