Random Word Generating Machine Error


Running Time: 1:28

Released On: "Left On Read (Part II)" - Various Artists (9 tracks)

Label: V. Poiskah Dodo & Friends (Shorty Music)

Release Date: 2nd June 2020

Format: Download

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This was both a brand new friend and a completely new concept for the Magic Bullet, ran by one Vladimir Vpdodo (aka V. Poiskah Dodo), based in Kiev, Ukraine. The concept? Shorty Music! The idea is that you concentrate your idea into something under 90 seconds, which seems almost perfect for the modern day attention span. We'd done the hour, now to the other end of the temporal spectrum, this was something we simply had to have a go at. We first made contact with Vlad The Curtailer (I bet he wishes he'd thought of that!) circa the April, which unfortunately meant we'd not long missed the theme of 'nomophobia', so never got to do a great photo of me and Skit cowering in fear next to Twizz's garden gnome. Yes, we know it's the phobia of being without your phone really, Mrs. Magic III suffers from it, breaks out in a cold sweat if me and Twizz hide hers for a laugh. It's normally worth a bag of chocolate buttons to tell her where it is. Which we share, because it's the right thing to do. However, there is more amusement to be had if wilfully misunderstanding terms that people of... um... 'our generation' probably wouldn't know anyway.

Likewise 'left on read', clueless. So I PM'd Vlad on Messenger to ask what it meant, and although I could see he'd read the message, he never did answer me, how annoying is that? So, left none the wiser, Skit and I decided to come up with our own interpretation, starting with a tongue in cheek paraphrasing of Psychojolting;

"Okay, initiate the random word generating machine, and run."

  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Read.

"Oh bugger, I left in on 'read'."

You get the general idea. For the samples, we put the phrase 'left on read' into Google (so the government could keep tabs on what we radicals were up to), followed a few links and somehow ended up on an Indian tourism video of Kamathipura in Mumbai, which is also known as Red Street (I didn't know Google did phonetic matches as well!) because it harbours a bustling trade in prostitution. Not recently, one would hope. There were some lovely street sounds on it for us to build our track from, so that's what we did. And although it seems a strangely inappropriate thing to say with regard an 88 second track, um... enjoy muchly!


Kamathipura, a notorious red light district in Mumbai, India, which is not to imply that any of the young ladies in the photo are involved in any way!