Artist: Magic Bullet

Title: Curiositas

Label: Music & Elsewhere

Catalogue Number: M&E MB-001

Release Date: 26th April 2020

Running Time: 49:22

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp - GBP 4.00


(Reverbnation Preview)



01 M.M.A.T.T. 33 Mashup (9:29)

02 The A.F.C. Song (6:00)

03 Dance, Freak (6:28)

04 Stille Nacht (8:25)

05 Jesus Is Dead (Let's Eat Chocolate!) (4:13)

06 Jesus Has Risen (Let's Mow The Lawn!) (2:13)

Bonus Track;

07 Live In Session (On Tudno FM) (12:31)

          i) Neil Crud On Tudno FM

         ii) Silent Night

        iii) M.M.A.T.T. 33 Crudup


All tracks written by Magic / Zoyd, published by Mmatterial

Except "Stille Nacht / Silent Night" (traditional, arranged by

Magic / Zoyd)

Recorded and mixed in The Mmatterialisation Chamber,

October 2019 - April 2020


Special Guests;

Track 01 is predominantly constructed from samples of old M.M.A.T.T. recordings, including the voices of Shona Moments, Leonie Jackson, Inga Leru-Kelly, Brian John Doran, Marc Bell, Kate Twilight and Jay Time

Track 02 features the vocal talents of numerous A.F.C. Wimbledon supporters, mostly recorded away at Bradford City, 4th May 2019

Track 05 guest vocalist: Twizzle Magic (age 7)

Track 06 is a remix of track 05 with additional vocals and sounds, as performed by Stan Batcow, aka Howl In The Typewriter

Track 07 features the dulcet tones of Tudno FM presenter, Neil Crud, who also 'sings' and plays guitar with Spam Javelin

"Curiositas" should not be considered a second Magic Bullet album, rather more a collection of side projects, oddities and curios we felt were simply too much fun not to release! These tracks were mostly recorded to mark various dates and events, and would have been made in between the assortment of other projects we've been involved with. It's a lot (*relatively speaking) easier on the ear than our experimental work and will probably still appeal to M.M.A.T.T. fans of old, especially the mashup, based around "The Starship Psychotron", but with a more leftfield edge. "The A.F.C. Song" mixes football anthem with spacepunk, it was actually the original purpose of the piece that got waylaid for the Neil Crud theme. "Dance, Freak" is a harsh and rhythmic reworking of an old 1987 At Twilight Time solo project, called simply "Freak", one I had always wanted to revisit. "Stille Nacht" is a quite avant garde electronic take on a seasonal favourite, and the "Jesus Is Dead / Has Risen" pair bookmark Easter Weekend traditions with an EBM style and tongue very firmly in cheek. Further information for each track is available by clicking on the hyperlinks to the left of them.


By way of a bonus, there's an edited recording of the whole of our first public performance, a live radio session on Neil Crud's Tudno FM show (it's pronounced Tid-no, that's Welsh for ya), originally broadcast on Monday 16th December last year, back in the days you could drive through the streets of Llandudno without having to dodge goats. We played shorter versions of three of the tracks that appear on here, but each uniquely adapted to suit the show. Poor Neil has had to live ever since with the pointing fingers as being the man who unleashed Magic Bullet on an unsuspecting world. But should you see him on the street, don't cross over to shun him, give him a smile, he really had no idea what he was doing...



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