Officer Kitty & The God Of Love


Running Time: 5:23

Released On: "Valentine's Noise 2022" - Various Artists (54 tracks)

Label: OTCRAH Records

Release Date: 14th February 2022

Format: Download

Buy Link: Internet Archive




Oh, but did Shaun Robert know what he was starting when he decided to do a Musique Concrète For Children compilation on his IFAR label!? Our Twizz has thrown herself into this like a girl on a mission ever since, following the original The Adventures Of Officer Kitty In Space! with Officer Kitty II: Attack Of The Killer Beanie Boos! (for Communitas: Volume III), and now this! She was really keen to do a Halloween special, only we had to say no as we were seriously busy throughout October because of that Communitas series of releases.

"You can do a Christmas special, sweetheart," I promised, "I swear on mummy's life."

Now, as luck would have it, Neil Crud was due to visit the week before with son, Charlie, who has something of a mutual appreciation society going on with our Twizz, and to top it all, was born on the same day. She had something of a sparkle in her eyes as soon as we told her they were coming.

"Uncle Crud would make a great Santa, daddy," she enthused, "will you ask him?"

"No prob, Cruddy will do anything if you take him to the Bounce 'N' Play," I replied, "we got a radio session out of it last time! But I can't see Charlie agreeing to be an elf."

He never got the chance as things turned out, Twizz was taken ill in the middle of the night the very day they were due, so we had to put the visit off till New Year. As luck once more would have it, sometime between the two dates, I happened to notice our friend in Mexico, Gerardo Colin, was doing a call out for Valentine's Noise 2022. Mundo pequeño.

"We could do a Valentine's special!" I suggested to her, "Cruddy will be happy to play Cupid if we take him to the Bounce 'N' Play, we got to do the theme for his radioshow last time. But I can't see Charlie agreeing to be a cherub."

The rest, as they say, is history.




Left, top to bottom: A Valentine's Bromance - Uncle Crud and meself swap flowers and chocolates; himself and Mummy, who plays the role of the storyteller - that's how she talks to me and Twizz all the time, you know; yes, that's Cruddy at the Bounce 'N' Play - told you so; Charlie Crud stuffing his face with chips at the same - incidentally, I was right about him not being up for playing a cherub.

Right, top to bottom: Uncle Skit behaving like a child, so let's not dwell on these pictures and encourage him.

Bottom: a little light-hearted larking around during the photo session.


*NB: The Spam Javelin sample included is from Rate, Like, Subscribe and was used entirely without their permission, we didn't even bother to ask them. That's punk for you, innit?


O f f i c e r   K i t t y   w i l l   r e t u r n . . .