Gold Right Of Gods Solaces


Running Time: 4:43

Released On: "Noise E'm All!!!: Part One" - Various Artists (15 tracks)

Label: Trashcunt Records

Release Date: 10th August 2022

Format: Download

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8th August 2022: Waking up to news of Skyler's death at 18 years of age came as something of a shock. I'd been joking with her just recently that I have socks older than her. I say joking, but to my eternal shame, I really have. We were mortified, she was supposed to be doing a track for the Wu Xing project, I'd have to find somebody else now. And who'd release Gold Right Of Gods Solaces which we'd done specially for her? Life, eh? However, as luck would have it, she made a full recovery and returned from the other side to finish this release merely days later. Yeah, as you'd probably guessed, she'd been hacked by some dirty scumbag who was planning to start a phoney 'fund-raising for the family she left behind' thing. Get your own back, kid, name your record label after the perpetrator! Oh, you already have... ;-)


Now, to more serious matters; our track! First comment from everybody and their dog;

"Shouldn't there be an apostrophe?"

No. Deliberate ambiguity. Is it a singular pronoun or is it plural? Me and Skit, we're saying nothing. Having said that, we will say that the theme in our minds when putting this together was of the eternal struggle of many a mythology, the one between good and evil, battling it out in the skies above us, like a dogfight taking place just out of the range of our perception. We set out to give you a glimpse of what goes on behind that barrier. Do it loud through headphones, sit by a window and look at the sky, watch any combination of (insert personal pronouns of your choice here) fight it out amongst the clouds! Who wins? I rather doubt any of us will be around long enough to see the result before the door slams shut on us. Except maybe Skyler, she's proven death is no barrier to producing a great compilation already...