1. The Assimilation Of Neil Crud's Spam Javelin (3:02)



2. Officer Kitty And The Mutant Mashup (3:00)



3. Medley A Política (3.27)



D A T E L I N E :   M O N D A Y   2 9 t h   A U G U S T   2 0 2 2   -   2 2 : 0 0   B S T   ( U T C + 1 )  


22:00        ♪♫ All you need is Crud, all you need is Crud ♫♪

22:05 Magic Bullet jingle: "You are listening to Neil Crud on Louder Than War, resistance is futile."

22:10 Neil Crud: "And we have a brand new session from Knott End-On-Sea space cadets, Magic Bullet. Yes, those terrible twins, Mick and Skit, who terrorise pensioners in that sleepy seaside village. Well they're here for a second session on the show, on the back of their latest release, Cruditas, which you'll find on Bandcamp as a free download, courtesy of Link 2 Wales Records, and this is the first... I've not heard the session myself yet so I... it's all new to me as well. It could be awful, it could be full of swear words, it could be terrible, or it could be amazing. This is Magic Bullet vs Spam Javelin, and it's called The Assimilation Of Neil Crud's Spam Javelin."

22:14 NC: "I don't know whether to laugh or cry, that's the opening session track from Magic Bullet, there's two more to come, I'm gonna play them in the... I'm gonna play them, the whole session, by 11 o'clock, there's three, coz Skit and Mick are so old now, they have to go to bed and have a nap and things like that, so yeah, well, excellent, I guess, The Assimilation Of Neil Crud's Spam Javelin there by Magic Bullet, here live... well, not live in session, but dead in session, I would guess, here on Louder Than War Radio."

22:39 NC: "And live, not live in session, but in session tonight, here's Magic Bullet from Knott End-On-Sea, a place where John Robb said on Twitter earlier on, when he saw that the session was on, he said he'd never heard of them, but he used to cycle through Knott End-On-Sea when he was a kid. And this track is called Officer Kitty And The Mutant Mashup, and it says it's by Magic Bullet & Twizz, and in brackets, with Neil Crud, so I guess I've been... I guess I've been sampled, coz I got no recollection of actually taking any part in this at all. I give you Magic Bullet."

*Editor's Note: I would hazard a guess that the reason Neil had "no recollection of actually taking any part" in the track, whilst sat next to me at our dining table back in January, speaking his lines into our Sony IC Recorder, might possibly have something to do with the half bottle of ouzo he consumed afterwards. Show-waddy-waddy...


22:43 NC: Again, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. That was Magic Bullet & Twizz with Officer Kitty And The Mutant Mashup, and Declan's just sent me a message saying this song is like a bad trip, so I guess Mick and Skit will think that the job... mission accomplished, no doubt  that's  exactly what  they  want. That was Magic  Bullet  in

The week before the broadcast: Neil and myself outside Crud Manor in Prenteg, Wales, where we most certainly had NOT been invited to record the session and where Neil most definitely heard NONE of it whatsoever...

session and there's one more song, I'll probably play it in about 20 minutes, I guess, with it being around twenty to eleven now."

23:01 NC: "My name is Neil Crud and you're listening to me here on Louder Than War Radio, and we have in session tonight, Magic Bullet from Knott End-On-Sea, that epicentre of... I dunno, nuclear waste or something? I don't know, where all the pensioners glow and stuff like that, I don't know, but anyway, massive thanks to Skit and Mick for putting together these three tracks they've done tonight. You can listen back to them on Mixcloud any time you like and please let people know, and I know Craig Swallow in York has been listening in, and he says he's also playing at... playing it at his neighbour's sister, in his dreams, he says. But anyway, Magic Bullet, they can now go to play... finishing the session early tonight so they can go to bed, and have a cocoa and mother can read them a bedtime story. This is called Medley A Política."

23:10 NC: "...and before that you heard Magic Bullet with Medley A Política, the final session track from them tonight, and they said that our nurse is coming back to take us to the home for hot milk and Tramadol. Er, right now, thank you for putting up to us, putting up with us, looking forward to catching up with the rest of the show on Mixcloud tomorrow. Yes, people, you can listen to the show anytime you like on Mixcloud, and all the other shows with all the other sessions as well."

23:58 NC: "...before that you heard three session songs, over the course of the last couple of hours, from Magic Bullet, and a massive thanks to them as well. And you'll be able to catch up with this show and all the other shows on Louder Than War Radio anytime you like on Mixcloud, and I will see you next week. What the future holds, who knows, who cares? My name was Neil Crud, this is Louder Than War Radio, cheers, thank you and goodnight."