Artist: Magic Bullet with Neil Crud & his Spam Javelin

Title: Cruditas

Label: Link 2 Wales Records

Release Date: 20th August 2022

Running Time: 25:42

Format: Download

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  Yeah, you know we like doing our album titles in Latin coz it makes us sound clever, and this is a real Latin word, believe it or not. It means indigestion, which seems strangely appropriate. Well, we will be doing a new album proper on CD for Link 2 Wales Records, but that's most likely not going to happen till next year, and this was the title we were planning to use for it, but somehow it just fitted this concept better. Neil had kindly invited us to do another session for his radioshow (and yes, we thought he would have learned first time too, but there you go), so we thought it would be nice to put together  an  EP /  mini album  type  thing  to promote it. And that's what this little masterpiece is, a historical record of the occasions upon which we have crossed swords with Neil and his Spam Javelin; there's the theme tune we created for his original show on Tudno FM, the exclusive track Spam Javelin did for our "Communitas" album, our notorious Borg inspired mashup of "Nazi Line Dancers Fuck Off", Neil's guest appearance on the Valentine's Officer Kitty special we did for Otcrah Records, and finally, the full three track first session we did for him way back in December 2019. Nothing new, but all together in one place for the first time, and available on a name your price basis. Sorted.  

01 Neil Crud On Tudno FM - Magic Bullet (3:09)

originally released on "Communitas: Volume I" (Music & Elsewhere, 2022)

02 Rate, Like, Subscribe - Spam Javelin (1:51)

originally released on "Communitas: Volume I" (Music & Elsewhere, 2022)

03 The Assimilation Of Spam Javelin - Magic Bullet vs Spam Javelin (2:42)

originally released on "Javelin" (EFSPACM, 2021)

04 Officer Kitty And The God Of Love - Magic Bullet & Twizz with Neil Crud (5:28)

originally released on "Valentine's Noise 2022" (Otcrah Records, 2022)

05 Magic Bullet Live In Session On Neil Crud's Tudno FM Radioshow - 16th December 2019 (12:31)

originally released on "Curiositas" (Music & Elsewhere, 2020)


Neil Crud and Mick Magic - friends since photos were in sepiatone...

Still friends today; Twizzle Magic with her favourite Spam Javelin LP...