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Sunday 23rd October 2016: As promised in the event programme (click on the cover image below for your souvenir PDF copy), our official 30th Anniversary celebrations kicked off here at 14:30 BST (UTC +1), with my posting a few pictures on the MMATT Facebook page to set up the background to what was going on. You don't need an account to view the album, just click on the link and enjoy muchly;


Would you like to know more? The whole story, from first contact to 'The Invitation', was covered in some detail in the RISE 2016 EDITION. Right, now you're up to date (and if you're sitting comfortably, of course), we shall begin: I posed for a farewell picture on the sofa in our living room, just so there was something to accompany my 'few words' posted at 14:38, which rather prophetically included; "It's just a trip to another dimension, what could possibly go wrong?" I had a last cuddle with Twizz (right) before I left for my date with destiny. Poor little thing was quite upset that daddy was going away for a couple of weeks, she wanted to come with me. She couldn't quite grasp the concept that it would only be a couple of weeks from my point of view and just an hour and a quarter from hers. Would you like to know more? The Doc explains the strange effects of the chronal tethering technology in the event programme, on his very maturely titled "Transdimensional Sciencey Wiencey" page. I was a little pensive as I set off to the necessarily secret 'pick up' point in Hackensall Woods. There was such a strange duality of emotions going on in my head. On the one hand, who could not be excited to be travelling to a parallel Earth to join in the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the MMATT of that world? The band had risen to global fame there and were looking forward to a seafront tickertape parade, a champagne reception at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and a tribute concert at one of their world's most prestigious venues. On our Earth, I was just thinking half a lager and a packet of crisps in The Bourne Arms. On the other hand, there was that fear of the unknown that's a part of our human make up. I was about to climb into some strange futuristic vehicle and spend three days  in a suspended state crossing interdimensional space. I mean, I'm a middle aged man, what if I needed the toilet? There was also the issue of the communication difficulties we'd been having with the alternate Earth, we'd not heard from The Doc or Mick Tron since the Wednesday evening. This was also a lost opportunity, coz due to the strange nature

A farewell cuddle with Twizz before setting off on my date with destiny...

of the chronal tether tech and transdimensional travel, I would have arrived there Thursday morning, three days before I left here, and I'd been looking forward to talking to myself. However, The Doc had said the communication problems would have no bearing on anything else, so I wasn't really bothered about it, save for missing the chance to ask my future self what number I was thinking of and have me say "69, DUDE!" Anyway, so there I was, standing in a quiet section of Hackensall Woods on a cold Sunday afternoon, waiting for an SCV (Spacetime Continuum Vehicle - I was so hoping it would be a white Mark 1 Ford Escortron, but figured their technology would have moved on some in 30 years) to appear. As 15:15 approached, I pointed my camera skyward and south, where I had been told it would appear from, and then the lights went out. In a split second, daylight was replaced by darkness. Although I had been forewarned of this effect, it was quite disorienting and I could only watch in awe as the 'flying car' began to materialise and dropped slowly to the track. I had fully intended to take a sequence of photos of the whole process, instead I just got one of the first appearance of its headlights, then stood there like a large boy



Sunday, 15:15 - The SCV begins to materialise, seemingly out of a tree...