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T-42 (Germany)

M&E 167 Mit Welchem Recht (Apr-93)



   Tea For Two (4:23)



The Thamesmead Rollers (England)

*See also T.M.R. /

Magic Moments At Twilight Time

(Marc Bell - TMR Records and Brain Dead Studio owner; engineer, co producer and guest on "Creavolution"; analogue remaster and release of "Creavolution Reborn", TMR CD8170, 2018)

M&E 119 Wasted Years (Dec-92)
M&E 252 The Early Years (Jan-94)
M&E 272 Too Old To Rock? (Jul-94)
M&E 474 Nothing's Sacred - Live In London (Jan-99)



   Armeggedon Time (4:53)


• Interview with Marc Bell (May 2014)

• An Online Chat With Marc Bell (July 2018)

• TMR Records: The Magic Net Feature (September 2019)

• Creavolution 22: The Bonus Album - Mick Magic & Friends


This Elegant Chaos (England)

M&E 432 The Virtue Circle (Jan-98)



   To Be Free (4:49)



THX:// (Wales)

M&E 470 body.traffic.industry (Jan-99)



   Das Marzprojekt (5:29)



Die Traktor (Germany)

*See also Earth / Mr. Ebu

M&E 372 Fat Girl (Jan-97)



   Party Pals (3:15)



Trelkovsky (Austria)

M&E 305 Fun Is A Preserved Peach (May-95)



   A Full Refrigerator (4:21)



Trespassers W (Netherlands)

M&E 260 Buzz (Apr-94)



   Carmen Miranda (3:09)



   ID for Don Campau's No Pigeonholes Radioshow (0:57)



              *BONUS FREE DOWNLOAD

Trespassers W - "K-Septs Für Fans

(The Bonus Tracks Collection)"

(M&E 25th Anniversary Special, 2017)





Tutsis (U.S.A.)

M&E 565 Split with Pajama Slave Dancers -

Black Widow (Jan-01)



   Snake Dance (3:35)

This Window (England)

M&E 114 Morning (Dec-92)
M&E 387 Extraction 2 (May-97)



   Fallen Angel (3:23)



Those Who Survived The Plague (Austria)

*See also Scrooge / Werk

M&E 117 None Of... (Dec-92)



   Big Crime '89 (2:10)




Titania Moon (England)

M&E 336 Slipstream (May-96)
M&E 370 Fazes (Jan-97)
M&E 422 Comet Star (Jan-98)
M&E 423 Analogue Dreams (Jan-98)
M&E 490 Anocosmic (Sep-99)



   Sanctitudel (7:02)



T.M.R. (England)

*See also The Thamesmead Rollers /

Magic Moments At Twilight Time

M&E 337 Ghosts (May-96)



   Sister Jodi (4:20)



   Ghosts (5:47)



   Armegeddon Time (F.A.M.E. Mega Mix - Take 5) (11:10)


• Creavolution 22: The Bonus Album - Mick Magic & Friends


Triptyckon (England)

M&E 381 Split with Mlehst - Music For Severe Drug Abuse (May-97)



   End Of Reason (5:41)



Troll (Australia)

*See also Screamworld

M&E 348 Demo (Nov-96)
M&E 406 Loss Of Faith (Oct-97)



   Mirror (4:53)



Twister (England)

*See also Magic Moments At Twilight Time

(Inga Leru - guest vocalist on "Creavolution")

M&E 224 Twister (Oct-93)



   Babylon's Burning (4:07)



   You Don't Know (3:58)



* Other tracks featuring Inga on vocals from the 2018 Magic Moments Revival online events;

   Three Times The Crow - These Days (4:25)

   Kilter - Solar (2:26)


• An Online Chat With Inga Leru-Kelly (September 2018)


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Twister - Twister

(M&E 224, October 1993)


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