Artist: Magic Bullet

Title: Solidarietas

Label: Broken Tape Records, Russia

Catalogue Number: btr 161

Release Date: 5th April 2020

Running Time: 60:00

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp


(Reverbnation Preview)



01 Длинная Aудио Pабота C Претенциозным Hазванием Hа

 Pусском Языке (60:00)    

Conceived and realised by Mick Magic & Skit Zoyd

Published by Mmatterial

Recorded and mixed in The Mmatterialisation Chamber

for Broken Tape Records, Thursday 6th February 20200


It's here - the completely unplanned Magic Bullet debut album!

Inspired by and recorded especially for Alexey Kondart's Vladivostok based experimental label, Broken Tape Records, this hour long work was originally created for inclusion on a mega compilation (well, that and to see if we could actually pull it off)! However, based on the initial positive response to the 8 minute edit I'd posted on Reverbnation, as well as our own reactions when we first sat and listened to the complete piece, we started to wonder if it wasn't actually good enough to go out as a standalone album. Alexey had been happy to accept it and a couple of other tracks for compilations, but we figured it had to at least be worth asking if he would consider this particular track for a release in its own right. As luck would have it, he said yes, and we found ourselves with a completely unplanned debut album, thus delaying the release of "Digitalis" by several more months! First released under the track title, which roughly translates as "lengthy audio work with a pretentious title in Russian", and with the original track art (the Russian flag one), it was modified to "Solidarietas" before the end of month and repackaged with the new design. The title, rather obviously, is Latin for 'solidarity', the very thing that had inspired us to record it in the first place. Further information on that and the recording of the work can be found on the link to the left of the track title. Наслаждайтесь!

Click on the above banner to visit the Broken Tape Records site on Bandcamp, quite the most inspirational repository of experimental music you're ever likely to find, and everything is completely free!

Alexey Kondart makes some noise!

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