1987 - 2003


Oh, what a monumental task to inflict on myself; a complete web-suitable listing of every one of the 599 releases on the Music & Elsewhere label. I've done it in an A-Z format to make your favourite bands easier to find, I'm nice like that, send me marzipan. Then there's a separate page for all the 'various artists' releases, and finally one for our own output.


The Catalogue Numbers;


The M&E Prefix: runs from 1 - 499, with the exception of 367. That number was allocated to Cat Killer for a November '96 release, but the master never arrived, then it must have got forgotten about. Oops. In April 2000, we jumped from 499 to 551 to match the actual number of releases. M&E 500 was to be a new 'best of' compilation, but it never actually happened and we remained one out of synch until the "United World Underground" CD was released the following January.

Other Prefixes:

C-4001 to C-4018: from the very beginnings when all output was our own and the label was known as Magic Moments At Twilight Time too.

MMATT 19 - 42: The prefix changed from the "Grain-Aid!" compilation, releases from 35 on overlapping with the M&E numbers.

MMATT MC1: The unplanned cassette version of "Creavolution" (as we had a 'bit of a problem' with the CD manufacturer)

MMATT CD1 - 2: We just made it into the digital age with "Creavolution" proper and the "United World Underground" compilation.

SHO 01 - 12: Assigned to the 'M&E Showcase' compilation series.


Above: the cover art from "The Best Of Catty Log" (New Year 1995), most brilliantly drawn by artist, Roy Connolly, who I seem to recall lived in Wales. Unfortunately, I lost contact with him quite some years ago, but he was very much responsible for the look of M&E publications throughout the mid 90's.

The first M&E Catty Log was produced in May 1993 as we topped 200 releases and it was getting too expensive to print and mail (stop smiling) multiple back issues of the M&E Newszines. By the time we got into 1995, we were pushing 400 and the original Catty Log was getting too big to go through people's letterboxes, hence a strimmed down 'best of' edition. I remember working late into the night on many occasions, putting all these publications together, armed only with an aging typewriter, Letraset, fine art pens, a plastic rule and a regular supply of Daler A3 cartridge paper! Happy daze indeed...

A - C: Acidfuck to Cyborg Sex Babies


D - F: Dark Side Cowboys to Friction


G - J: Galactic Lilah to Judge Trev & Nik Turner


K - O: Karda Estra to Our Glassie Azoth


P - S: Paracon to Sweet William


T - Z: T42 to Zerobranco        


THE COMPILATIONS: Acid Tapes to Trost


THE MMATTERIAL: Magic Moments At Twilight Time et al