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After many months of hard work putting it all together, I'm pleased to say that that the second and final volume of our 25th Anniversary Collection is now out and selling well. "The Music & Elsewhere Collection" (M&E 25-02) features over 30 hours of great subterranean sounds from 70 of the finest bands / artistes we ever had the privilege to release (along with a bonus MMATT "Flashbax" album, an "M&E Tribute To The Great Tape Labels" compilation and a 60 page full colour illustrated booklet), all lovingly burned on to a specially designed DVD-R data disc and presented in a clear Amaray collectors case. Oh, did I mention you get to choose a free CD by one the contributors too? And all this for less than a penny a minute! Explore the collection now by clicking on the cover image above left; all of our release weekend Facebook presentations have now been edited for the website, so you can have a good read, look at the pictures, listen to the sounds, plus download the booklet and bonus compilation. See exactly what you'll get before you buy, how nice are we? The first volume, "The United World Underground Collection", is also still available (click on that excellent Alan Arthurs cover art to the right for further information, sample tracks and freebies), check the special price below if you're interested in getting the pair. Enjoy muchly...


O R D E R   Y O U R   C O P I E S   N O W ! 

The price is 17.50 GBP each (or  a special offer of 30.00 for both), which includes free postage to anywhere on Planet Earth, we're nice like that, just click on the button to pay. If you're not a fan of PayPal for whatever reason, or have any other issues, simply hit the

'Contact Zone' button on the sidebar and let us know, I'm sure we can work something out, we're nice like that too!


U N I T E D   W O R L D   U N D E R G R O U N D

T H E   W E B Z I N E S ,   R A D I O S H O W S ,   B L O G S   &   L A B E L S   O F   T H E   N E T W O R K

It's what's going down in the underground! Current features on Mike Pougounas (Tribe4mian & The Blackout Radioshow), Kim Harten (Bliss/Aquamarine), John Armstrong (Tuning Up & Psonic Psundays), Charles Rice Goff III (Taped Rugs, The Deprogramming Center & Magnetic Bungalow), Kev Rowland (freelance reviewer), Levente Toth (Notes From A Nebula), Captain Garry Lee (Starship Overflow), Lord Litter (Magic Music Box), Don Campau (No Pigeonholes), Stuart 'Mr. H' Hamilton (The Rocker & Zeitgeist Radio), Billy Yfantis (Skylight), Stan Batcow (Pumf Records), Carsten S (Klappstuhl Records), Carsten Olbrich (Ebus Music & Radio Escobar), Tim Jones (The Reverend Rabbit Radioshow), Neil Crud (On Tudno FM), Didier Becu & Ann Cnockaert (Luminous Dash), Kev Ellis (The Kev Ellis Show), Blue Fred (Blue Fred's Radio Session) Marc Bell (TMR Records) and Barry 'DJ Bazza' Mart (Earth Calling). More coming soon...


M A G I C   M O M E N T S   A T   T W I L I G H T   T I M E

C R E A V O L U T I O N   R E B O R N :   T H E   B R A I N   D E A D   A N A L O G U E   R E M A S T E R

Available on CD or download from TMR Records at extremely reasonable prices, original studio engineer Marc Bell breathes new life into this MMATT classic ("The best damn spacerock and roll dance party sci fi concept album I've ever heard" - Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations) with his incredible remastering skills. Details of how to order are available on the TMR Records NIMBIT page, along with Marc's e-mail should you have any questions. You'll also find further details (and a free PDF libretto to boot) by clicking on the image (left). Eternally worth looking at the MMATT index on the sidebar too, natch...


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