Artist: Magic Bullet

Title: "Ratione Personae Mentalis"

Label: The Church Of Noisy Goat

Catalogue Number: TCNG 388

Release Date: 9th March 2022

Running Time: 421:04

Format: Download

Buy Link: Bandcamp


(An Introduction By Elling Lien)





01 An Introduction By Elling Lien (1:04)

02 R.F.A. (35:00)

03 Criminal Duplet (And The Promise They Couldn't Keep!)


04 Wartimes (35:00)

05 The Rilled Circlet (35:00)

06 Pigman Cut (35:00)

07 The Lucca Maneuver (35:00)

08 George's Tool (At Full Length!) (35:00)

09 One For The Fans! (35:00)

10 The Grimmered (35:00)

11 Who Is Earthshine? (35:00)

12 A Soluble Symphony (In Four Movements) (35:00)

13 RPM Challenge Dance Party (35:00)


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And following a first ever release in the Czech Republic, a first ever release in Brazil! And what a release at that! An absolutely epic seven hour (yup, the 421:04 time wasn't a misprint) sonic adventure, all stemming from a running gag. It began with us doing R.F.A. for the RPM Challenge in the February of 2021. It was all about producing a recording, in the month of February, just because you could, and then you'd be part of it. Sounded crazy. But we like crazy, it has a certain nobility. So we thought it would be funny to produce a totally unlistenable (or at least  Really Fucking Annoying) album length piece, in the safe and certain knowledge they played at least an excerpt from every track submitted during their listening party broadcast. At first, that was going to be it, but then they threw down a further gauntlet; record every month - for a year! Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask, would it? We were won over by the good humoured nature of Elling Lien, the man behind this folly-come-labour-of-love.

"No more 35 minute ear bleeders." Said we.

"Don't make promises you can't keep." Said he.

And that was it, he caught us hook, line and sinker. Each month, we would come up with a new weapon of choice, power tools in the main, and construct a 35 minute piece with samples from it. R.F.A. was made from those annoying high pitched sine waves they used to put on when TV closed down at night, then we worked our way through pneumatic drills, mitre saw, electric drill, impact gun, vacuum cleaners (oh come on, you have to, don't you!), angle grinder, our bathroom fan, hedgetrimmers, harsh white noise and two Solpadeine tablets for the headaches it all gave us (*other painkillers are available). Then, for the big finale, we made a 35 minute dance track from samples of all of them, plus the short 'message' Elling had kindly recorded for us for the Communitas collection. Et voila, a seven hour body of work!

To be honest, we'd never really given much thought as to what we were going to do with all this material at the end. So when the highly enthusiastic Bode started talking to us about a release on The Church Of Noisy Goat, an experimental label with a quickly growing reputation, based in Porto Alegre, it never really crossed my mind to ask him if he'd be interested in a seven hour noise-based mega- album. My first suggestion, as we had no unallocated new material available in the foreseeable future, was a kind of best-of-come-sampler, which he was perfectly happy with. Then I spent the best part of last November in bed with the bug from hell, had little to do but sleep and think, and maybe I was delirious, but he wouldn't have to wait so long for it, only a couple of months.

"You fancy a seven hour album of 35 minute tracks made from power tools and other ear-grinding noises?" I asked.

"That sounds very nice!" He replied, "Just can't wait to upload and release your album!"


The Venerable Bode - a true believer in the glories of experimentalism...

VLK S PUŠKOU